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3rd Grade Poetry and Dreams Coming True

PickyKidPix‘s 3rd grade dream came true recently. Her third grade poetry unit produced this poem which articulated her dreams that were unbeknownst to us, her parents. It’s funny how all her dreams are contained in this poem about herself.

In the past two years, PickyKidPix went from the first travel soccer team, to the third team, and back up to the second team. There was some drama when she missed the cut for a new club team in our town. As parent, it’s so painful to watch your child’s heart break.

I’m proud of her though. For her resilience. For her determination. And for never giving up. She made another Club Soccer team and has been practicing hard all year trying to get better. She wants to make the top team! Will she? It almost doesn’t matter. Life lessons being learned here.

PickyKidPix’s 3rd Grade Poem

Magnificent, spectacular, crazy.

Lover of her amazing dog Wally,

office supplies and her best friends.

Who is able to get on the best

team on travel soccer.

Who feels that everyone needs a

second chance and that she

can do anything she wants

if she just believes.

Who wonders what everybody

is thinking and saying.

Who fears bad report cards and


Who would like to own a gigantic


Who dreams to fly!

third grade poem, third grade poetry unit, third grade poems,

Dreams do come true! Two years later, she and her best friends learned to “fly.” As for her other dreams, I’ll keep you posted. They include:

  • Playing soccer for Stanford (which she spells “Standford”)
  • Going to hair school as a middle schooler in order to make money in high school styling hair
  • Becoming a billionaire

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Way to to PickyKidPix! Great post – super fun and yes, I can’t wait to see your other dreams come true.
    Cool Mom (Christine M.) recently posted…Pet Projects: Be Yourself Even if That Means Writing Preludes for Operas About Giraffes Who Use TissuesMy Profile

  2. Catherine

    Great poem and dream list. Isn’t it wonderful to open the world up and dare to dream. By the way I already have Forest has a Song. 🙂
    Catherine recently posted…Misty – Day 28 NaPoWrMoMy Profile

  3. She’s a girl who knows what she wants!

    I hope I see her play soccer for Stanford some day 🙂
    Maryanne recently posted…Rainy Day Fun for Kids: ALEX Toys Tape TownMy Profile

    • Hi MaryAnne,
      Isn’t that the truth?! It can make parenting her an issue when we don’t agree, but it also makes things simple. I just present options and she knows what she wants. She never regrets her decisions and she is able to decide quickly. I like that!

      I’ll keep you posted if she ever makes her way to Stanford (aka Standford)!
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Teaching Poetry at Home To Your KidsMy Profile

  4. Jeanette Nyberg

    Love it! It’s so fun to see what kids put into their poems- I feel like sometimes they aren’t realizing how much they are telling us when they write poetry… And tell her I’ll be there for the Staples grand opening when she owns one.

    • Hi Jeanette,
      PickyKidPix also likes the cool things I’ve found on your blog! I got her that sticker machine thingamabob from Paper Source and told her it was your find. She really respects your picks too! You’d definitely be on her invite list!

      I let her know that she can’t own a Staples store because they do not do franchising. She’d have to own the entire publicly traded company. So, now she wants to play the stock market and buy some shares. I have to find the password to the stock account my mom set up for her. She thinks Staples is a good buy right now. (I’ll be posting on teaching your kids about the stock market in June).
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Teaching Poetry at Home To Your KidsMy Profile

  5. I love the fact that she knows what she wants and is not easily discouraged. She knows at an early age that we are responsible for making our dreams into reality for ourselves,

  6. Elle Carter Neal

    Wonderful! Kids have so much potential, and from what you’ve often written about PickyKidPix it sounds like she will make all this come true and much more.
    Elle Carter Neal recently posted…Orb’s Return (Poetry)My Profile

  7. Yes dreams do come true, I cant wait for those dreams to come true.
    Viren recently posted…How To Use Email Marketing: 10 StepsMy Profile

  8. Ann

    That’s great! How fun! I wonder what my kids would write. And what a fun idea check back!
    Ann recently posted…Maple, Maple, OakMy Profile

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