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Monthly Blogging Goals

2013 Blog Goals

My 2012 blog goals last year started off very clearly but quickly went haywire. I had a specific page view per day number in mind and made a SEO change that pretty much cost me half the year. Yep, I changed my permalink structure but didn’t realize I had to do redirects.

Sounds like Greek? To me too! Result: I spent the better part of the year going through all my posts to correct back-end bits and pieces to improve my SEO. I have over 1000 posts. Going through them all — not Once, not Twice, BUT FOUR TIMES took about 6 months working feverishly day and night. I definitely don’t want to spend 2013 doing this. Read more…

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Wonder by R J Palacio Helps Us Understand Our Differences

Meeting Wonder Author, R. J. Palacio, was Wonderful!

PickyKidPix and I attended an Understanding Our Differences author visit featuring R. J. Palacio of Wonder.

We learned a few things:

  • R stands for Raquel
  • R. J. Palacio’s message in life and in her book is : “Choose kindness over being right.”
  • A visit to a local ice cream shop changed her life, causing her to write this

I was so impressed with the kids who attended the sold out author event. The questions were came in a never ending stream — as written questions but also several lines of kids waiting their turn for the mike.

The questions were so insightful too. An author’s dream audience, I would imagine. They were so interested in every word she had to say. So empathetic for the characters. So engaged! We actually ran out of time for questions and not a single adult asked a questions — there was no way we’d deprive the kids of their questions. Read more…

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Book Club for Kids: My Best Post of 2012

Setting Up Book Club for Kids: My Best Activity Post of 2012

My best post of 2012 was a long post about setting up a great kids’ book club with many, many examples of books and activities my kids did for their book clubs. (3 kids, each with their own book club makes for lots of examples over the years!).

How To: Create a Great Kids’ Book Club (Activity and Book Suggestions)

I wanted to rework one of the book club meetings I hosted by using a slightly different book. It makes a great Chinese New Year’s book club for kids!

The Empty Pot by Demi

We folded origami cups (perfect for preschool) and fortune tellers (great for elementary school kids). Read more…

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Retrofit Weight Loss GIVEAWAY Worth $3108

Retrofit: Vanita One Year Later and 20 Pounds Lighter

I met my SEO consultant Vanita Cyril almost exactly a year ago. She left me a comment on my blog and tweeted to me to say hello. She was interested in learning about Retrofit when I did this very same giveaway last year. My auto picker didn’t pick her but she impressed me so much that I recommended her to the nice folks at Retrofit as a brand ambassador. When she signed on, I read about her Retrofit experience all year. And rooted for her as the pounds came off.

Now that it’s a New Year, I wanted to do the Retrofit Giveaway again. Change another life. So I recruited Vanita to tell her story, 1 year later. The After to the Before. I think she’s inspirational and I hope that you do to. Read more…