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Random Acts of Kindness to Celebrate My Upcoming Birthday

I’m Inspired to do Random Acts of Kindness

I’m not sure how I found the first one, but when I read how Inner Child Fun blogger Valerie spent her birthday doing 35 acts of kindness in one day, I was inspired. Her post stopped me in my tracks actually. Suddenly, I seemed to find more bloggers who were doing this. Thumba Lea did 28 acts of kindness for her birthday. And Just a Bunch of Momsense celebrated her birthday this way too.

My birthday is coming up and I wanted to do something similar but …

  • I’m MUCH older than these ladies. I’m turning 48!
  • I don’t think I can pull off 48 acts of kindness in a day and it would stress me out to try.
  • Talking to strangers is a little intimidating for me, especially to explain what I’m doing.

So … I thought I’d do a variation that would make me really happy. I don’t need or want anything for my birthday, instead I’m asking my family to do an act or two of random kindness to help me celebrate.

I’m not picky either. It doesn’t have to be on my exact birthday — we were never very exact with birthday celebrations hitting actual birthdays growing up — any time close to my birthday will be just fine. Say, plus or minus a week.

I’d like to plan some acts of kindness.  I’d love to support some causes close to my heart: books for kids who don’t have any, food for local food pantries, and anonymous wish granting to strangers who need help via Globe Santa.

I’m going to post later on the 48 acts of kindness in celebration of my birthday. Wish me luck!

p.s. I want to do these same acts of kindness  that Inner Child Fun, Thumba Lea and Just a Bunch of Momsense did:

A day of no road rage / riding people’s butts / honking. (This would also improve my driving).

Brought sweets to the fire department. (We live next to a fire station).

$10 Starbucks Gift Card for the Bus Driver. (I’d like to gift to our school secretary, our mailman and few other folks).

Picked up Litter on the Sidewalk. (I am also going to pick up random dog poo at our off leash dog park).

Made a Kiva Loan — Kiva.org is an organization that provides micro-loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries. Lenders can choose what amount to donate, and once the loan is paid off, you can either withdraw your funds or re-loan to another entrepreneur. (This sounds amazing. Thanks Inner Child Fun for this great idea. Definitely doing this too!)

$10 Starbucks Gift Card for the Mail Carrier (And maybe our UPS person too who comes every day).

Paid down two separate layaway contracts at Kmart down to $0.01 — While this was the most costly item on the list, it was totally awesome. Kmart allows anonymous donors called “Layaway Angels” to donate funds towards someone else’s layaway contract. Recipients’ names are never disclosed, and donors can opt to have their funds donated toward accounts with children’s clothing or toys. Recipients must make their final payments to pick up their merchandize, but Kmart allows donors to take down someone else’s layaway to just $0.01. (I love this. Can I do online? There isn’t a Kmart near me. Need to research).

Ran a Simple Errand for a Friend 

Let Someone Go Ahead of Me

Donated a bag of clothes to charity.

Sent in a small gift for the school nurse.

Stopped at a laundromat and left quarters on one of the washers.

Sent a card to a child with Cancer through Hugsandhope.org

Yikes, I just added these up and I’m only to about 16. I have a long ways to go …

If you would like to help me celebrate my birthday anytime during the first week of January, please email me or comment with your random act of kindness you did on my behalf. If you send me a photo, I’ll post it. Thank you! PragmaticMomBlog@gmail.com

p.s. I found this great form from This n That on Pinterest! I’ll be using it for my random acts of kindness!

p.p.s. Thank you also to Thumba Lea for this great Acts of Kindness Printable. I’ll use this too!

random acts of kindness

p.p.s. Elijah the Superhero by Beth Arnold sends this same message in a picture book that acts of kindness, done deliberately, make you a superhero capable of changing the world. I love this message to kids. Elijah spends the day doing some of the aforementioned acts of kindness and learns what a difference they can make.

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Marjorie (PaperTigers)

    Happy Birthday and what a great way to celebrate. I think it might be a rally good way of getting into the Christmas spirit too. What is a layaway contract by the way – I don’t think the term is used in the UK but the from the gist of what you say, it sounds as amazing as you suggest!
    Marjorie (PaperTigers) recently posted…New “Cats and Dogs” theme on the PaperTigers websiteMy Profile

    • Thanks Marjorie! I have to find out of there is a K-Mart near me or if I can phone in the Layaway Angel plan. Not sure if Target does this either. A layaway contract is when the buyer says he or she wants to buy something. You bring it up to the store to customer service and they put it away for you. I think you might have to put a “down” payment on it. You probably have a certain amount of time to pay for it too. It’s like a mortgage for an item. Not sure if there is interest though.
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Entrepreneurship 101 for Kids: Failure IS an Option (but that’s OK!)My Profile

  2. Gwen

    Love it Mia! Great idea to get the nurse a gift. I cover everyone else but always overlook her- so thanks 🙂

  3. Dee

    Happy birthday, Mia! I love the idea about the KMart layaway! It actually put a knot in my throat thinking about someone coming to pay for it and finding it paid!
    Dee recently posted…A Four-Legged ProblemMy Profile

  4. twisterfish

    Such a kind thing to do for your birthday…. love it!
    Happy birthday!
    twisterfish recently posted…Jane is 17My Profile

  5. Good luck! Can’t wait to hear all about it when you’re done!
    maryanne recently posted…Exploring the VTech Innotab 2SMy Profile

  6. Ginny

    How about leaving surprise unsigned cards or love letters for people to find – the first idea from Stargirl, the second from a story that has been making the rounds on Facebook. I’m going to save your ideas, because my next birthday will be a big one and Random Acts of Kindness fit into my ideal celebration.

  7. Ann

    What a wonderful selfless idea. I really love some of the ideas here especially the Kmart one!

    Happy Birthday too!!!
    Ann recently posted…What’s All That Banging?!My Profile

  8. You go girl! Count me in! On my birthday, my friends wanted to have a party for me. I asked them to bring cans for the food bank instead of gifts. Only one did so – but it went to a lady who is raising 5 children on her own. Great idea and will be checking back to see how it goes. Love this time of year.
    Susan Case recently posted…Today’s Tragic Shooting Leaves Me Wordless; Quotes of ComfortMy Profile

  9. I like the idea of doing random acts of kindness on my birthday but like you, I”m older than a lot of my blogger friends. But, I would love to do a random act of kindness around your birthday! I’ll stop back right after Christmas with my RAK!
    The Brain Lair recently posted…Top Nonfiction Picture Books 2012My Profile

  10. Jo

    There’s always putting money in someone else’s meter. Especially in Cambridge.

    Swipe someone else in on a pay t-pass (actually paying for them to pass).

    Put together a small show or singing act at an elder care facility (could be caroling for the holidays)

    Speaking of which, going caroling is always fun and might fall into the category of “random act of kindness” as it brings joy. I carol with a group who is non-demonimnational. We have a standard set of holiday songs not all of which are christian based and we rise to any happy challenges. We do a fantastic muppet version of Feliz Navidad. But I digress…

    Volunteer some time at a local public library to read to kids

    Help wrap packages with Toys for Tots

    Sounds like a wonderful and ambitious idea.

  11. Meg

    Great idea!! I’d love to do this too but my birthday is Monday and I’m 41. That’s a lot of ideas!! One thought I just had was to ask my three children to do 10 each along with 10 myself. My husband would only have to do 1! Hope to see all your ideas in January… Always can be useful! Happy bday!

  12. Meg

    Or better yet, my husband and I can do 10 each and the kids 7 each!

  13. Bilal Kamoon

    I really think it is important that each one of us do at least one random act of kindness each day.
    Bilal Kamoon recently posted…Random Acts Of KindnessMy Profile

    • Hi Bilal,
      You are so right! That is the conclusion I am drawing after trying to do 48 acts of random kindness over a month period. It’s not difficult to do one or two a day but I found that I had to be mindful to find the opportunity to do an act of kindness.
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!My Profile

      • It’s going well! I asked for 41 acts of kindness for my birthday week from my kids and husband, and we were writing them down until Christmas came. I think we got to around 30 written down. Even though we don’t yet have 41, there have been some observed but not written and I notice the kids are particularly focused on it, shouting out, “That was an act of kindness!!” I hope we can just keep it going now. Having them focused on being kind is so great!! Hope your birthday goes well!! 🙂

        • Thanks Meg,
          I love that your kids are willing participants and can appreciate an act of kindness. My kids don’t mind doing acts of kindness but have refused to do it for my birthday because I am blogging on it. They say that it negates the point. I disagree, but what can you do? They prefer to pool their allowance to buy me a gift. I think I want to trade my kids for yours!
          Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Kickboxing: My Best Post of 2012My Profile

          • Ha! Mine refused at first too, until we started making the list and they found it easy to do, but its driven by the five year old (probably her age, 3rd child/only girl!). #shewillbeheard warm wishes!

          • Hi Meg,
            Ah, I need to make a list for them to see if there are any they will begrudgingly do! The did like putting coins in parking meters. Maybe playing Fairy Godmother with small change is the key! I wanted to put quarters at the local laundromat too.
            Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Book Club for Kids: My Best Post of 2012My Profile

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