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Tommy Bahama reversible half zip sweatshirt for men

Gifts for Husband & Wife (Day 9), 12 Days of Shopping

Gift Ideas for Men, My Husband in Particular

My husband, like most men, is difficult to shop for. If I buy him something he doesn’t like, he claims to like it but it will sit unused in a corner or the back of the closet until it’s time to purge. I’d rather he’d ‘fess up so I could return it and save the money. This year, I am doing something different. I am asking him. No surprises. This might be the way to go.  Read more…

gifts for those who help you mail man mailman letter carrier

Gifts for Letter Carrier and Others Who Help You (Day 8)

Gifts for Mail Carrier to Cleaning Person

The first step is to make a list of everyone who helps you. Our list gets shorter and shorter as the years go by and we no longer have a regular babysitter and have eliminated our newspaper in favor of online publications. Still, there is always the sanitation engineer and the letter carrier. We have a super nice letter carrier who really puts in extra effort to sort out packages that need signatures but I’m not home, and will also ask for our outgoing mail. I want to do something nice for him this year! Read more…

Feed Godiva Chocolates

Gifts that Do Good (Day 7), 12 Days of Shopping

Gifts that Help Others

We are adding on to our Do Good and Hostess gift ideas from last year. I love the idea of gifts that give back. The idea that what we do and that how we spend our money can impact the world is a message that is powerful and makes holiday gift giving a little more meaningful. What is great is that the gifts can also be at the top of anyone’s wish list! Godiva Chocolates! Ornaments! A pretty coin purse!

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WWII books for kids, Japanese American books for kids, Japanese American Internment books for kids

Pearl Harbor Day: Books for Kids and My Mother’s Story

From Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima: A Personal Journey

My mother, nearly 90-years-old, has come full circle with the nexus around WWII. Born in San Francisco’s Japantown, her parents hailed from Hiroshima. I visited the Hiroshima Museum with her two decades ago when I was working in Tokyo for the summer. This past summer, we all went to visit the Pearl Harbor museum where, in a single day, her life totally changed. Read more…

ear bud holder, The Container Store

High Tech Gifts (Day 6), 12 Days of Shopping

High Tech Gifts for Moms, Dads and Kids

My post for high tech gifts from last year includes the Kindle Fire and iPhone and iPad cases. Capability:Mom has low tech gift ideas as well. Read more…

notecards for teacher gift,

Tutors and Teachers Gifts (Day 5), 12 Days of Shopping

Gifts for Teachers and Tutors

We are not supposed to give a gift to our teachers at our public elementary school but, shh!, I always do. Discretion is important as is a low-key but thoughtful gift. Capability:Mom has more ideas for teacher and tutor gifts too! Read more…

vintage teacup candles

Gifts for Mother in Laws (Day 4), 12 Days of Shopping

Gift Ideas for Mother-in-Law (MIL) and Father-in-Law (FIL)

My mother-in-law, like my own mother, is easy to shop for because they are both became artists after they retired and are quite talented and even selling their work and/or getting commissions! Gifting around a hobby is always an easy option but … what if your in laws don’t have hobbies that lend themselves to gifts?  Read more…

child's artwork into cufflinks

Personalized Gifts (Day 3), 12 Days of Shopping

Personalized Gifts for Teachers, Friends, and Relatives

My favorite small indulgence is a beautiful personalized return address stamper that has lasted for years from Fine Stationary. It’s the star of my Personalized Gifts from last year and when I gifted it to teachers, they also really appreciated it.

Kids’ art also makes a great personalized gifts for grandparents when you turn it into pendants, cuff links, dish towels and coasters!

I like the idea of personalized gifts but you do have to plan ahead since it can take a few weeks to receive.

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kids make gifts, clove orange, clove apples, 12 days of shopping

Kids Make Gift (Day 2), 12 Days of Shopping

Kids Make Gift Ideas

My idea for kids making gifts for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles is clove fruit — clove apples, clove oranges, clove clementines, clove kumquats,  and clove lady apples. We tackled this craft project last year and found that it wasn’t too difficult though it takes longer than you’d think. This year we will try smaller fruit like lady apples and kumquats! Keep in mind too that you don’t have to cover the fruit entirely in cloves and it will still smell nice and look pretty. Read more…