Tyson Project A+, Tyson Project A Plus, easy fundraising ideas for schools

Easy Fundraising for Schools Using Tyson’s Project A+ Labels

Effortless School Fundraising Idea

I just learned about Tyson’s Project A+ fundraising idea. You simply collect labels from participating Tyson® products from your grocer freezer’s section and give them to your school. The labels can be redeemed for cash to be spent however and wherever your school needs it. Examples include sponsoring programs and clubs or purchasing supplies and equipment.Each label is worth 24¢ (minimum 100 labels).

How easy is that?

Step 1: Check to see if your school is registered.

Step 2: If not, register your school.

Step 3: Get the word out. Ask parents to save Tyson A+ labels. Each label is worth 24 cents. Perhaps you have a goal for a certain amount of money in order to buy something?  Ask teachers for suggestions on how these funds might be spent.

Step 4: Send in labels. Here’s the list of Tyson products.


If you want to get fancy, here are more ideas:

Recruit Volunteers

  • Ask for a volunteer (a teacher, parent or other community member) to act as your Tyson Project A+ label Coordinator. This person should organize and direct yourTyson Project A+ program label redemption program.
  • Ask for parent volunteers from each class to regularly count their accumulated redemption labels, record the results, and deliver the labels to a central collection point.

Spread the Word

  • Send a letter home to parents that explains the Tyson Project A+ label program. A sample letter is located on the Web site.
  • Encourage parents to ask other friends, relatives and neighbors to donate their Tyson Project A+ labels to your school’s program.
  • Send a news release with information about your school’s participation in the Tyson Project A+ label program to local newspapers and television and radio stations. If possible, include a photo of your students and/or school with the news release. A sample news release is located on the Web site.

Provide Incentive

  • If your school requires students to wear uniforms, allow the class that brings in the most labels per month a day to wear casual clothes.
  • Utilize a traveling trophy. The class that brings in the most labels each month gets to keep the trophy in their room the following month.
  • Play a fun song over the loud speaker each time your school reaches a collection milestone. For example, West Oxford Elementary in Oxford, North Carolina, plays the Chicken Dance Song over their loud speaker each time they collect 50 labels.
  • Have students write their names on the back of every label they turn in. When your school has reached a collection milestone, draw a name and award a prize.
What is your school trying to save up for?
My kids’ elementary school wants:
  • iPads for the classroom
  • More laptops to replace older models that no longer connect to the internet.
  • Our Physical Education teacher would love to add a Rock Climbing Wall in the gym.
  • More interactive whiteboards for all grades.
  • A new playground structure to replace our current one that is badly splintering.
p.s. How is your school year going? Tyson is sharing great ideas for school survival on Facebook.
Tyson Project A+, Tyson Project A Plus, easy fundraising ideas for schools
This is a sponsored post for Tyson. My opinions are my own as is my enthusiasm for easy and effective school fundraisers. 

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Ann

    Wow 24 cents is a good amount per label! That could really add up! Thanks all the great ideas for how to grow it!
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    • Hi Ann,
      I know! And if you buy Tyson products anyway, it’s nice to know that it can go to your school to use for things that are needed. I think you just need 100 to sent them in; such an easy fundraiser!

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