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Celtic FC Bolts, club soccer survival guide for parents, tips for club soccer parents

Surviving Club Sports: 26 Tips for Parents

Club Sports Motto for Parents: Be Prepared

September was a blur of soccer, back-to-school events and more soccer. For the first time, my two girls decided to double their soccer by adding a club team to their town travel team. My son also decided that he was done with karate and replaced those slots with more soccer. Read more…

Container Store North Shore, new Container Store Boston, The Container Store

The Container Store Inspires

New Container Store Opens in North Shore, Boston

I went to a Boston bloggers event last week to get a preview of the new Container Store with Capability: Mom and Random Recycling. We saw Mommy Niri there too, and made a new friend, Evan and Lauren’s Cool Blog.  The new store is gorgeous but what was even more inspiring was the story behind the family-owned private company that is a constant fixture on Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For. Read more…

Look Good Feel Better, #LGFB

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Organization Helps Women Look Good to Feel Better

On behalf of all women who have battled breast cancer including my mother, this post is for you! And thank you to Look Good Feel Better for helping people with cancer get their lives back. Read more…

The Haunting Hour

The Haunting Hour Show Scares and Entertains Tweens

Horror Television Show for Brave Kids, Preferably Tweens!

R. L. Stein, author of Goosebumps, has a TV show series that scares and thrills called The Haunting Hour on The Hub. My kids held a small party to preview the show and pronounced it scary but good. Read more…

STEM toys, science toys for kids, math toys for kids, educational toys for kids, best toys for kids,

Gift Guide: Best Math and Science Toys (New Additions!)

Best Science and Math (STEM) Toys

Science oriented kids need two things: to ask questions and to find answers. These toys let kids do both in the guise of games or experiments. Science in school is often too memorization-oriented and I think letting kids get their hands dirty is crucial to making science interesting, particularly for girls. Read more…

pragmatic mom, pragmaticmom, mia wenjen

Catching Up: Bloggy Business and New Gigs

Behind the Blog: Boring Bloggy Business

Artchoo! did a post on Boring Blogging Stuff but I have to admit that I find other people’s business, bloggy or otherwise, fascinating. Do you ever wonder what mommy bloggers do all day to build business and earn money from our blogs? Unfortunately, it’s not just writing posts all day. I wish! Read more…

How To Teach Kids About Money Management

Financial Literacy Training for Kids

I met the National Center for Family Literacy at BlogHer and enthusiastically support their agenda of teaching kids personal finance skills. If kid don’t learn how to Save/Spend/Donate as a child, I suspect that they will have to learn the hard way about managing money like I did, with credit card debt racked up after college. Read more…

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New Chapter Books for 2nd Grade through 7th Grade

Chapter Books Hot off the Presses for Ages 7 and Up

My seven-year-old (nearly 8!) and I have been enjoying the Tales of a 6th Grade Muppet series by Kirk Scroggs.  It’s a series that is similar to the wildly popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid but with less bullying. What’s strange is that he has never seen the Muppets but he still likes the books. Read more…

abstract koi fish art project for kids

Abstract Art Project for Kids: Koi Fish

Painting Koi Fish Art Project for Kids

The Koi fish at the Grant Hyatt Resort in Kauai were so beautiful that we surreptitiously fed them as you can see in the videos. I had never seen so many Koi fish swimming together with such gorgeous colors. I was inspired to turn this into an art project after seeing Deep Space Sparkle’s gorgeous 6th grade Koi fish paintings. Read more…