Hurricane Sandy Boston,

Hurricane Sandy Boston

Hurricane Sandy Near Boston

Compared to last year when we lost power for four and a half days (and it was below 50 degrees) exactly a year ago! I remember that we had to trick or treat in the dark using the flashlight app on our phones because our entire neighborhood had no power. We got off easy for Hurricane Sandy. Perhaps most of the trees with dead limbs or loose roots have been downed from the last storm when a tornado touched down in Worchester about 45 minutes away.

This year, we were also better prepared. We bought a generator for one thing. In fact, several of my neighbors did the same and another one got solar power. We also stocked up on gas for the generator. Made a special trip to the store for 6 gallons of water. Another trip for more batteries. Went to 3 different grocery stores for food. And filled up on gas after 7 hours of soccer on the way home even though I still had a half tank.

The storm hit that night. The wind was howling and the rain came down sideways for most of the afternoon and continued into the night. With power on, we spend the day puttering around. Not everyone in my town was so fortunate though. Many had lost power.

Hurricane Sandy Boston,

My son spend the day in his pjs in front of the TV

Hurricane Sandy Boston, golden retriever during Hurricane Sandy Boston

The dog hasn’t been out to exercise for 2 days now but he’s chill.

Hurricane Sandy Boston,

PickyKidPix stayed in her pajamas most of the day but she and her sister were able to run a few houses over in the storm to see their friend. With school canceled the next day too, it became a sleepover.

Hurricane Sandy Boston,

I made a chicken and lentil soup.

Hurricane Sandy Boston,

This granola recipe from Nigella Lawson is very popular as a gift. I made a 2nd batch to give to teacher tomorrow.

Hurricane Sandy Boston,

A storm is a perfect excuse for Grasshopper and Sensei to break out her paints. She got the little girls painting collaboratively as well.

Hurricane Sandy Boston,

Hurricane Sandy Boston,

By morning, the skies had cleared but the schools were still closed. The day has turned out to be beautiful and the storm damage not as extensive as last year. My heart goes out to those who suffered a loss. I hope you are all safe!


p.s. I know Vanita Cyril has a scary night in the Bronx but thankfully is ok. Dagmar lost power in Westchester County, New York. Mommy Niri is in a Boston suburb too, but lost power. Her 7-year-0ld daughter has some wise (and funny) advice for preparing for hurricanes! Doodles and Jots had a similar Hurricane day as mine; she lives on the Cape.

p.p.s. How about you? Please share!

p.p.p.s. If you would like to donate to the Red Cross to help Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, please visit, call 1-800-RED-CROSS, or text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.



By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Catherine Johnson

    Awh, I’m glad it was better than last year and so glad you are safe. My dog wouldn’t go out for ages and got constipated and it wasn’t even as bad here. Take care!
    Catherine Johnson recently posted…Halloweensie ContestMy Profile

  2. Artchoo

    I’m so glad you fared well. That’s pretty fun for the kids- what an adventure! Off to visit my other east coast friends. P.S. it even hit Chicago with lots of wind and some crazy-huge waves on Lake Michigan.

    • Hi Artchoo,
      We typically lose power 4 or 5 times a year because we’re on a low priority grid and it’s so maddening that we bought a generator last year. I was shocked that our power didn’t go out. I guess all the branches that fell the past few years have come down and nothing snapped our power grid thingy this year. But lots of houses in my area have lost power including our elementary school (which is still in session today) but the power blew right at drop off! I hope it goes on soon!

  3. Ann

    Love your daughter’s colorful paintings! We DID have a similar couple of days! Thanks for then mention : )

    Hope Vanita is Okay! NY and NJ got slammed!
    Ann recently posted…Pinwheels and WindmillsMy Profile

    • Hi Ann,
      Thanks so much! I’ll let the collaborative artists coop at my house know! 🙂 Glad everyone stayed safe over where you are! Hope this winter is more uneventful that the fall!

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