how to install car seat

Car Seat Safety

How to Properly Install a Car Seat

Here are two links to make sure that your most precious cargo of all is safe.

how to install car seat

While installing and using child safety seats may appear to be easy enough, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has estimated that close to 3 out of 4 parents do not properly use child restraints. If not correctly installed, your child safety seat may not protect your child the way it should.

Not sure if you did it right? You can get your car seat checked. Simply use this locator to find a child safety seat inspection station nearest you. Certified technicians will inspect your child safety seat and show you how to correctly install and use it:

Child Safety Seat Inspection Station Locator.

Child Passenger Safety.  This site has great instructional videos on installing car seats including the Latch system.


This is a sponsored post. I definitely had trouble installing our infant and convertible car seats and I found the latch system particularly confusing. I didn’t know then that you could go to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and have someone check it for you. It’s a great resource!


By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Thanks for the post, do you have any info regarding where inside and which is the best way of fitting?
    What I mean is, my wife thinks rearward facing seats are best, but I’m not sure. So long as she keeps her distance from the car in front, she’s actually more likely to be hit from behind, when a forward facing seat is more beneficial. Also, I think it would be safer in the middle rather than one side of the vehicle, in case of impact, although we have compromised on placing ours on the left hand side of the vehicle (we drive on the left in the UK), as this ensures we always get him out of the less dangerous side of the car.
    What do you think?

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