Progressive Snapshot, Progressive insurance, car insurance comparison

Car Insurance Comparison and Failing My Progressive SnapShot Test Drive

Car Insurance Comparison Not Working For Me

I got my first moving violation today and wouldn’t you know it?!! I had the Progressive device in my car tracking my driving!

Progressive Snapshot, Progressive insurance, car insurance comparison

Flo looks happy now but she won’t be when she finds out how I’ve been driving with my Snapshot in place.

I could claim that it wasn’t my fault … but that’s not exactly true. Here’s what happened:

I was driving back from yoga with a slight yoga buzz that usually lasts a few hours if I’m lucky. Usually I go home to take my dog out but today I remembered that I needed to go to the sporting goods store for PickyKidPix to get her yet another pair of shin guards as her current two pairs are bothering her. I cut through on a side street and made a rolling stop as there were no cars on a typically busy four way stop.

I did not see the police man on his moped-like motorcycle.

And why is it the police men are so gruff when they pull you over? Talk about killing your yoga buzz!

It’s like:


And a surprise question, “WHAT YEAR IS YOUR CAR?”


I have no idea. My car is just a vehicle to move around 3-6 kids. Only 3 are my own but I try to get into as many car pools as is humanly possible. Frankly, I don’t always get the ages of my kids right!

And so, my first week with Progressive’s Snapshot in place, tracking my every move, is not going well. As a bonus, it has also chronicled my first moving violation in decades. And somehow this all tracks back to my middle child …


PickyKidPix was actually the person who figured out how to install the Snapshot device. Apparently, she has watched the Progressive commercial so many times that she had it memorized.

“If you drive well,” she informs me, “Your insurance rate and deductible will go down.”

“What’s a deducible rate?” I asked her. “And what is car insurance exactly?”

She had no idea. This prompted a discussion on insurance and risk, how they choose safe drivers so they can keep the money I pay them and invest it to make money just like banks do with her savings money. She loves hearing about this kind of stuff. Honest!


A few hours later, PickyKidPix was in my car again at the same corner where I was ticketed earlier today. AND WOULDN’T YOU KNOW IT?!! THERE WAS A COP AGAIN AT THE STOP SIGN TO MY LEFT, BUT THIS TIME IN A POLICE CAR! I swear it was the same guy but I am bad with faces.

Though it was my right of way, I just froze, in a complete and utter full stop.

Finally, the cop got annoyed waiting for me and waved me through. I did go, but I spent the next five minutes watching him out of my rear view mirror until he drove out of sight.

As for PickyKidPix who witnessed this, she had this to say:

“I think your score is getting worse. Your insurance is going to be so expensive!”

Just my luck!


I was given a small stipend to join the Progressive Snapshot program and chronicle my driving adventures. Obviously, it’s not going well for me but most people, such as yourself, will possibly save money!


Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Progressive.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. vanita

    I’m sorry girl, but I’m here laughing. Ok, well, now i’m smiling. it’s just too funny. sorry you got caught but i’ve heard great things about Progressive so I’m sure it will get much better. your kid cracks me up.
    vanita recently posted…Crumbs EverywhereMy Profile

    • Hi Vanita,
      Yep, she’s a funny one, all right! By the way, her PickyKidPix post on Best Books for 3rd Grade by Me, a Third Grader is now ranking #2 on google for 3rd grade books. She checked it this morning. She is beating Amazon which is making her happy but one other site is beating her that has 500 books for 3rd grade. I told her that it’s so difficult to outrank Amazon and that 500 book recommendations are too many to actually be helpful to parents or kids looking for a good book. She checked my posts too … she reports back that I’m #7 or so. Oh well, it’s better than before!

  2. You seem to have been unlucky there but you can still improve your score by changing your driving patterns. By cutting down or avoiding driving after 11pm at night, or stayinig away from known accident blackspots and busy routes, you cut down your risk. These types of devices also often monitor your speed and how hard you brake, so gentler driving will also help, saves fuel too!

    • Hi Coversure,
      Thanks for the good news! I rarely drive at 11 pm. I’m usually in bed by then! Good idea about gentler braking which saves your brakes and roters as well! I’m down with that!

      • It’s all good, the only thing that worries me a little is that the gentler brakinigthing is rewarded by insurance companies, when in fact there are times when it’s necessary, such as a child running out into the road.

        • Hi Coversure,
          I’m not sure how that Progressive Snapshot gizmo works. It could throw out outlying data points like hard but very infrequent braking. I’ll keep yo posted on what my score turns out to be.

  3. Dee

    Oh, Mia! It sort of figures, doesn’t it? That’s what would happen with me, I’m sure of it. I haven’t had a moving violation in years, either, but that would totally happen to me. I always get nervous when there are police around. You’d think I was a criminal! I suspect criminals don’t get so nervous, though, or they wouldn’t be able to be criminals! My nervousness keeps me on the straight and narrow! I hope it gets better. Maybe there is a grace period?
    Dee recently posted…You are not alone!My Profile

    • Hi Dee,
      Luckily we are not actually thinking of switching insurance companies and hopefully my insurance company will not catch wind about my driving mishaps via the Progressive Snapshot. I’ll report back on how I’m doing after I get my kid to figure out what I am supposed to do with the car plugin thingy. Technology! Impressive but big Brother-y, right?

  4. Nancy

    Love this! I am testing out the Progressive Snapshot,too, and I like seeing how my driving compares to others…looks like I am heavy on the brakes. No moving violations so far!
    Nancy recently posted…Chic Hair Ties (for a prettier ponytail)My Profile

    • Hi Nancy,
      I got busted on Valentine/Chestnut/Highland intersection near the fountain. The cop says there are a lot of accidents there. I guess I better cool it with the rolling stop but I did look both ways and there wasn’t any danger!

  5. Ann

    Oh no! Very interesting idea. I think I have seen the commercial but I never pay attention to those! See how important blogs are!!!

    I think I will look into this. $150 is $150! Does the average saving apply in Massachusetts too?
    Ann recently posted…Alien CommunicatorMy Profile

  6. I’m not with Progressive, but I work in the industry and know Snapshot very well. I just want to clear up something that your readers might misunderstand.

    A “normal” stop at a sign or traffic signal doesn’t count against you with Snapshot. It’s only if you brake rather quickly, whatever the situation. They also know that some number per 100 miles is “normal”.

    So there are two lessons: 1) start braking for stop signs and traffic signals early enough so you don’t need to brake hard; and 2) always brake as hard as you feel is needed to be safe.

    Some of the Snapshot devices beep when you brake hard enough to be counted by them. So if you hear yours beep right after you brake, then think about what you could have done to brake softer but still be safe (like start braking earlier but less hard for stop signs and red lights, follow a little further back, not change lanes so much if you’re in a hurry, etc.).

    I hope this is helpful to your readers.

    • Hi Bonnie,
      Thanks for your information. I didn’t realize that the Snapshot device can make noise. I guess I am not braking too hard so there’s hope that my score will be decent after all! What else is the Snapshot able to track or is braking a key measurement?

  7. Very sad to know about your predicament though you described in a very gripping way but all that is over, do not let that cop to be a bogeyman of sorts to scare you always.
    Remo Faria recently posted…Tips on Making a Personal Injury Claim After an Animal AttackMy Profile

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