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Catching Up: Bloggy Business and New Gigs

Behind the Blog: Boring Bloggy Business

Artchoo! did a post on Boring Blogging Stuff but I have to admit that I find other people’s business, bloggy or otherwise, fascinating. Do you ever wonder what mommy bloggers do all day to build business and earn money from our blogs? Unfortunately, it’s not just writing posts all day. I wish!

Growing traffic takes some technical know how. I spent a few weeks taking Vanita Cyril’s class on How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog. It is a series of short videos with some homework but I have to say that it worked. My traffic jumped 45% after I finished doing the two dozen things Vanita advised me to do (and explained patiently, WITH screen shots on how to actually do it). Some were techy fixes like plugins, other tips were how to write a better post for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

I also met with Cindy Meltzer of The Social Craft who gave me advice from a 10,000 feet perspective and had some very helpful advice on reorganizing my navigation bars.

I have a new blog theme that is mobile friendly thanks to Timo at Black Coffee Media. He held my hand as we customized my new theme and then patiently made endless rounds of edits. I’m not sure why, but I was/am nervous to change my theme even though my old one had lots of issues. What do you think of the new theme?

Good advice to grow an audience is well worth the expense and time. That said, it’s irksome when brands want/expect/string you along for free publicity. One of my favorite posts recently is from Dagmar’s Momsense: I’ve Had It – My New Rules for Unsolicited Email Pitches. Amen to that!

Moving on …


Book Review Gigs

I am trying to work through piles of children’s books next to my bed.  I’m excited to be a monthly contributor to OMG Mothers as children’s book reviewer! I’m also submitting a weekly chapter book review to Barnes and Noble for their new stealth project that will be revealed soon and I hope my reviews will be included in that.

OMG Book Review: Halloween Picture Book Thrills with Interactive Ghosts!


Guest Posts

Guest posts are another way to build audience and I feel fortunate to have guest authored for some really great blogs!

Let’s Lasso the Moon: Top 10 Books to Help Kids Understand Hunger

Rice Daddies: An Asian American Summer Book List for Kids

My Town Tutors: Summer Reading List for Kids of Fun Books with Science and Math Concepts

I have a few guest posts coming up.


In the Works

I made a new friend, über-blogger Catherine McCord of Weelicious, who turns out to the best BFF of my Dad Friend Dan — the first person I ever hired back in 1988 when we were both barely legal. His son Auggie is featured in her latest cookbook so I’m excited to read it and relay stories of Dan. Hint: his son’s middle name is Ulysses and it’s no accident. I’ll tell you why in the book review …

Her beautiful cookbook just arrived today on a topic I personally feel great need for after driving my kids to 14 soccer events a week: 140 Fast, Fresh and Easy Recipes!!

I have a few more guest posts that will be up soon and I’ll give the link as soon as I get it.

Toddler Approved: The Boy with a Praying Mantis on His Head, A True Story.

One Perfect Day: Science of Baking Soda and Vinegar (with Experiments).

My Little Bookcase: Books for Boys Reviewed by Boys.

Imagination Soup: She’s publishing an eBook on reluctant readers and how to get them reading and I’m excited to be part of her launch team.


Social Media

I’ve spent the past two months trying to grow my Pinterest following after getting great advice from Zina of Let’s Lasso the Moon. My most popular board is Art with Kids. Vanita Cyril got me on Triberr but I’m still trying to get my feed to work. I’m on Learnist too but still don’t really know how to use it. What I really want to do next is figure out Instagram. My girls promised to help me … if I pay them a consulting fee. Sometimes I don’t know if teaching them negotiating skills is a good thing.

How is your fall going? Are you catching up, falling behind or a little of both? I am definitely a “little of both.”


pragmatic mom, pragmaticmom, mia wenjen

My talented brother-in-law, PhotosByKag, took this. What do you think? New avatar? Or do I look weird?

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Jeanette from Artchoo

    I love your new site. It looks cleaner- easier to navigate, and that pic of you is wonderful! It really is fascinating to see what other people do behind the scenes, isn’t it? I feel like I have my hand in far too many little projects and new social sites lately, distracting me from focusing on my site. Wich is ironic, because I know that being active out there helps grow your site. It’s just a struggle to know where to focus your efforts sometimes….But I love learning as I go along with all of this stuff. Good post.
    Jeanette from Artchoo recently posted…I Love John R. NeillMy Profile

    • Hi Jeanette,
      Thanks so much! A new theme is generating so much behind-the-scenes work trying to learn the template and optimize for SEO. I’m about half way through adding H2 headers to all my posts plus a few other tasks that I should have done but didn’t. Thanks for inspiring the post!

  2. Your new site looks really lovely. I love the color and that photo of you is so lovely. It’s so wonderful to hear about all of the projects your doing. I look forward to seeing more of you around the blogosphere. Hasn’t it been fun being a part of Melissa’s launch team. Take care and happy reading.

  3. Love the new site and seeing what’s going on with you – behind the scenes is such a great idea! Can’t wait to see the new B & N project and I’m also working on seo (so important to traffic but one of those things you have to remind yourself to do on a regular basis!)
    Jacquie F. recently posted…Outdoor Play with Pumpkins & LeavesMy Profile

    • Hi Jacquie F.,
      Thanks so much! I’m going through all my posts also to optimize for SEO. A painful task but I think it’s going to be worth the time. I’ll keep doing the behind the scenes posts. Thank you again for your kind comment!

  4. Love the new look of the site! Yeah for you!

    Very impressed on your ability to make it an actual money making venture. I have yet to achieve this. However, you have given me great tips especially Vanita’s SEO course!

    • Hi Ex Pat Doctor Mom,
      Thanks so much! I’m trying very hard to make money with my blog, but I am doing the book reviews for free to get more exposure. Let me know what you think of Vanita’s SEO class. It’s really helped me a lot! It takes a while to absorb all that information so I’m glad it’s a series of videos that you can do at your own pace AND you can refer back to them whenever you need to.

  5. Ann

    All such great stuff! Love your new theme and I know what you mean about being nervous to switch. I have almost switch to Magazine Basic so many times. Such a big change! Love your new avatar too! Such a great picture!!! Definitely get on Instagram!!!
    Ann recently posted…It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! Deer and Shark EditionMy Profile

    • Hi Ann,
      Thanks so much! I guess I was right to be nervous to switch because there are always issues — small and big and always a ton of work to optimize the old posts for the new blog template.

      I need to figure out Instagram. Are you on it? I need a tutorial!

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