Emil Nolde, Emil Nolde Poppy, Emile Nolde Poppies Art Project for Kids

Emil Nolde Poppies Inspired Art Lesson for Kids

Art Project for Kids: Emil Nolde Poppies

Emil Nolde is one of my favorite artists that paints flowers. I especially love his delicate yet loose poppy watercolor paintings. I bought several art books for my daughter but none of them contained my favorite poppy paintings of his. I’ve collected them instead on my Pinterest Board, Virtual Art Museum.

I also have a Veteran’s Day craft and book here.

Emil Nolde poppies, poppy, Emil Nolde Image from Visualize Us

Emil Nolde poppies Image from Visualize Us

Emile Nolde, flowers, Image from Visualize Us
Emil NoldeImage from The Red List

My 12-year-old daughter’s art assignment was to look at Emil Nolde’s flower paintings and then do one of her own. She used very wet acrylic on thick water color paper to make a beautiful painting she sold as a wedding card.

Here’s another painting she did that is less watery, also in acrylic.

Grasshopper and Sensei, 12 year old art work, Emile Nolde, in the style of Emil Nolde

If you need inspiration of actual poppies, I can sympathize. I tried to grow poppies to paint but they have a very short blooming season.  Still, if you are able to grow them, this would make a nice Spring art project. I now collect them on my Pinterest board, Flowers to Paint. Here are a few of the poppies but there are more if you need flowers year around to paint.

image from Public Domain Pictures

poppy, poppiesUntitled photograph by Narelle Sartain on flickr (discovered via Unspiration Daily). Find more from Narelle in her portfolio and online shop.

If you want to see other works of art by Emil Nolde, here are some resources.

Emil Nolde: My Garden Full of Flowers

Emil Nolde by Manfred Reuther

Sticker book of Emil Nolde Paintings

p.s. Here are books for kids for Veteran’s Day as well as crafts.

Veteran's Day books and crafts for kids

p.p.s. Remembering the Veterans in my life: A book list honoring the 442nd Regiment of WWII

veteran's day wwii 442nd regiment

Emil Nolde, Emil Nolde Poppy, Emile Nolde Poppies Art Project for Kids

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Artchoo

    Well you KNOW this post is right up my alley! I love poppies, too. They are soooo beautiful, and fleeting. I will have Fen try flower painting on some cards- love it!

    • Hi Artchoo,
      My first art lesson post; I have ideas but I have to get my kids to do them. This project was done by my oldest at her art lesson. I loved the way it came out but I love, love, love poppies too!

  2. Ann

    I love the inspiration and it made a perfect wedding card!

    A long time ago I though it would be cool to paint poppies all over my bedroom walls inspired by The Wizard of Oz. Never got around to it but still think poppies are so poppy!
    Ann recently posted…Cold Hands, Warm ScienceMy Profile

  3. SnowdenSupport

    This is an awesome lesson. My six year old’s art classes with a working artist were cancelled for fall due to unforseen circumstances. This will make for some excellent inspiration while we wait for the winter term. Thank you so much!
    SnowdenSupport recently posted…American Girls, Cloud-Watching, and Some Moments to Restore Balance and VisionMy Profile

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