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How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

SEO Class for Mommy Bloggers

Now that I am 7 lessons deep into Vanita’s course, I feel qualified to say that things are starting to make sense. I now know how to:

  • Create pages which help organize my blog so that Google recognizes my blog posts that drive me business and traffic. This allows me to also blog on “off-topic” posts which is what makes me a mommy blogger.
  • I learned how to use H1, H2 headers effectively and cross link my posts.
  • She showed me an SEO plugin (actually several) but especially how to configure it and utilize it properly.
  • Ditto for handling NoFollow links especially with regard to affiliate links.
  • I learned how to analyze my posts and view them the way Google does.
  • Are you site mapping your blog? Don’t worry, she’ll teach you how.
  • She’s also great about Q and A. She answers promptly via email with an answer specific to my blog. The tech support alone from her is worth the price of her class.
If you want more traffic to your blog, sign up this weekend to get $30 off. Class starts Monday!

Click here to visit Vanita Cyril.

get more traffic to your blog, how to get more blog traffic vanita cyril, after bedtime blog


Google SEO Class for Mommy Bloggers

My Google traffic just dropped 4 days ago. It was fine when I was on vacation for two weeks and hardly did anything except queue up posts to load three times a week. I did something stupid the last time Google changed to Google Penguin — I changed my permalinks without doing redirects. Clearly, I had no idea what I was doing.

I called up my Social Media friend, Vanita Cyril from After Bedtime Blog, to help me out with my crisis of losing more than half my traffic. She went to work and fixed the redirects along with a slew of other things that I needed to do. In fact, most of these things were long overdue:

  • Research Key Words and then actually use them
  • Clean up my mess of old Key Words
  • Use my All in One SEO plugin correction. No ignoring the character count!
  • Attach an image to each post
  • Use H1 and H2 headlines correction
  • Move the image to align right instead of align left
  • Link, when possible, to previous posts
  • Start a newsletter

There was more stuff too! And you know what? I started to notice some interesting developments. My Alexa dropped from 550,000 to under 150,000! (This is good; the lower the better). My bounce rate dropped from 80% to under 9%. (This is good, this means that 9% of my visitors read more than one post.) And, most importantly, my traffic started to come back.

Now, Vanita is running a video course to teach this and more! I’m signed up. If you want to learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that is geared towards mommy bloggers and is spoon fed in a fun and helpful way, sign up for her course too! This is what she is covering:

Here’s what I’m covering in this 2 week email course with videos.

  • What the Google Knowledge Team Loves
  • How To Properly Structure Your Blog
  • Basic Keyword Research – It’s not all about numbers.
  • How to properly configure a SEO Plugin
  • How To Properly use a SEO Plugin
  • How To SEO Your Posts
  • Navigation
  • How to Create the Optimal Sitemap
  • The Most Important Line in the Robots.txt file and how to make sure Google finds it
  • How to use Webmaster Tools Effectively
  • Authorship
  • Pings
  • Backlinks
  • How to configure affiliate links properly
  • Keyword Research for Service or Product Pages
  • Keyword Research for Review posts with affiliate links
  • The Post Method
  • And more…

Assignments are sent out via newsletter email and include a link with password to that day’s exercise. You have 4 weeks of email support from the time you view your first video.

Lifetime Access To The Videos

When the course is done, you’ll have the knowledge needed to make Google Luv Your WordPress Blog.

Those student who stayed subscribed to the class email list will receive notification of any newly added material and free access!

Please note, only bloggers who have a self hosted WordPress Blog will benefit from the tactics used in this video.


If this sounds like something you need, sign up here. You won’t regret it!

Click here to visit Vanita Cyril.

get more traffic to your blog, how to get more blog traffic vanita cyril, after bedtime blog

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. vanita

    oh hot damn girl! thanks for the shoutout!
    now i got one correction for you so don’t be mad at me, but you’ll like it.

    when your bounce rate was 80% that meant that 80% of the people showing up at your blog via search engine results would leave within 5 seconds, return to the search and go somewhere else. It meant that 20% of the people who came to your blog via the search engines were looking for the info you were providing.

    Now, your bounce rate is 9%. this means that 91% of the people who find your blog in the search engines results and drop by have found exactly what they wanted. Only 9% went back to the search engine and visited someone else.

    Ninety One percent is HUGE girl! Congrats!

    Now I’ve got to note having an 80% bounce rate is not a bloggers fault though a blogger can improve it.

    And 80% bounce rate can be due to a blogger using phrases in their post that silly Google had decided to rank them for. For example, I get 15 visits a day for the term teenbeen. i recently deleted the post where i used the words “teen been” in a post title. because that post has got my bounce rate super high.

    all isn’t lost though! proof: you’re amazing bounce rate!
    vanita recently posted…Are Amazon Recommends For Bloggers Right For You?My Profile

  2. Ann

    I’m taking this course too and it has helped me a ton!
    Ann recently posted…Some WebMy Profile

    • Hi Ann,
      The course is fun too! I am learning so much and I like how the videos are short but informative. I really needed it. I had no idea how to write those page before. I really need visuals to learn!

  3. Somehow I missed this post. This is exactly what I need.

    However, I would need to schedule this during November when I dont have so much on my plate already!

    Vanita, it is clear from the results posted that your rock SEO!
    Expatdoctormom recently posted…How to protect your child in the face of an epidemic?My Profile

    • Hi Expatdoctormom,
      My traffic is up 50% since completing the course. Honest to god, it makes a huge difference. I have, to be perfectly honest, been working with Vanita for the last 6 months but everyone we did is in that SEO class. It totally rocks and you go at your own pace whenever you feel like doing it. It’s just a series of videos with some homework assignments. You’ll love it!

  4. Hello, its good post regarding media print, we all be familiar with media is a wonderful source of data.
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