Getting Kids Ready for Kindergarten

Getting Ready for Kindergarten or Preschool

I have some posts to help with this transition getting your child ready from pre-Kindergarten to Kindergarten.

Top 10 Starting School Books: Kindergarten and Preschool

I have book reviews and the rest of the list.


Preparing for Kindergarten: Activities to Do with Your Child

This has a great list of activities including  fine motor, scissors, sensory, mid-line crossing, developing handwriting skills, ocular motor control, and  eye-hand coordination.  This article is byLoubina Buxamusa, an Occupational Therapist and Ann Mahoney, anEarly Childhood Specialist.


Has Kindergarten Changed or are Kids Smarter? (Harvard Education Letter)

In the ongoing battle over kindergarten—has exploratory play been shunted aside for first-grade-style pencil-and-paper work?—one of the nation’s oldest voices in child development is weighing in with historic data.


Why Preschool is Critical for Future Success in the Work Place!

NPR has a feature on why preschool is the best job training program. Nobel prize-winning economist James Heckman found that the soft skills necessary for success in the workplace — things like “being able to pay attention and focus, being curious and open to new experiences, and being able to control your temper and not get frustrated” — were skills that were learned, not in high school or college, but during preschool!


Invented Spelling Necessary for Learning to Read: Froshus Dobrmn Pensr

The invented spelling phase is both a necessary step in learning to READ as well as write.  As a parent, it’s also a phase that is short-lived and wonderfully fun and funny.  Save those first works of invented spelling stories for your child’s memory box.  It doesn’t get any better than this!


Picture Books for Kindergarten with SAT Vocabulary

My kids were introduced to SAT words through picture books in Kindergarten. Here’s how along with the book list.

picture books that build vocabulary, new shoes for sylvia
SAT words in picture books, Stellaluna

Best Picture Books to Build Vocabulary (ages 2-8)

More picture books with great vocabulary.



Free Kindergarten Readiness Printable Book

I made this book for my son’s preschool both as a Kindergarten readiness book and as a special keepsake. I hope you have fun using it too!

kindergarten readiness free ebook

Please click on image of book to view at Amazon.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Ann

    Thanks for this list of great resources! Going to bookmark – we have one more year of preschool!
    Ann recently posted…Family Friendly Summers on Cape Cod: Raptor EditionMy Profile

  2. Can’t believe it’s that time already! Great collection of resources to get kids and parents off on the right track. Thanks.
    Educationdiva (Ruth Spivak) recently posted…Music videos get kids excited about historyMy Profile

    • Hi Ruth,
      I know! Can you believe the summer is half over?! I’m glad that you find the list helpful. I culled through my archive posts because I remembered what a big milestone starting Kindergarten was for me for each of my kids. It went smoothly but it still stressed me out!

  3. vanita

    i love this list. i have a few of these above (i feel so smart) wil check out the other lists!
    vanita recently posted…I’m not rockin’ this mommyhood gigMy Profile

  4. There are so many wonderful books about kindergarten that you can read aloud to children to engage them in conversations. Most likely your public library has kindergarten books on display this time of the year. Listening effectively as you read aloud helps you hear children’s concerns, questions, and feelings. Letting them know that you felt the same way or had the same questions when you started kindergarten helps to normalize the situation. Also, remember that part of children getting ready for kindergarten is parents being ready to let go! Be positive about the new experience facing both parents and children. Happy Reading Aloud!

    Susan from my LinkedIn Group MOPS International
    Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Top 10: Best Asian American Books by CoolAsianKidsMy Profile

  5. Hi Susan,
    I think it helps the parents as well to discuss starting Kindergarten with their child. It can also be a big milestone for parents as well!

    I like how different starting Kindergarten books cover different perspectives.
    Sumi’s Very First Day of School is about a child who doesn’t speak a word of English but still manages to make a friend. I love this idea of empathy and compassion that is gently introduced — any child can reach out.

    Other books like Mama Don’t Go or Wemberly Worried have themes about separation anxiety with a gentle message that mamas always come back and that all will be well.

    Some of the books on my list introduce Kindergarten routines. I think reading about what to expect also eases anxieties and gets kids excited about school. D.W.’s Guide to Preschool is great for that. Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten shows what the teacher is doing to prepare.

    Thanks for your encouragement that books do help with this big transition. I completely agree with you!
    Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Top 10: Best Asian American Books by CoolAsianKidsMy Profile

  6. Mia and other MOPS-
    I would like to add another thought to the discussion. Children’s books are an amazing springboard for conversations with little ones on a whole range of challenging topics. There is an age-appropriate book on every difficult topic whether it is moving to a new place, divorce or separation; death, illness, the addition of another child into the family, and so on. Reading aloud is a great way to find out how children feel about circumstances in their lives, helps them deal with their unacceptable behaviors and responses, and gives them the vocabulary to express rather than act out their negative feelings. One of my favorites is Rosemary Well’s “Noisy Nora”. I suggest reading aloud this book the next time sibling rivalry raises its ugly head in your house or you are expecting a new little one to join your family,
    Happy Reading Aloud!

    Susan from my LinkedIn Group MOPS International
    Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Top 10: Best Asian American Books by CoolAsianKidsMy Profile

  7. I am happy to meet another fellow children’s book lover. Would you be interested in guest posting for me? if you want to check out my blog. I would love your wonderful perspective! You can email me at

    I so love the Rosemary Wells Yoko and Friends series! Yes, Noisy Nora — love it! Also, A Baby Sister for Frances by Russel and Lillian Hoban. Love, love, love that series!
    Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Top 10: Best Asian American Books by CoolAsianKidsMy Profile

  8. My rising K has been reading the entire Miss Bindergarten series over and over. His anxiety about the change is really growing, and we are seeing a lot of regression over here. Lots and lots of reassurance from me, and his big brother who is going into 2nd grade. Thanks for the list!
    Catherine/ Mama C and the Boys recently posted…If I could I would (poem)My Profile

    • Hi Mama C,
      It’s funny and unpredictable which child has more anxiety about starting school! I do find that reading lots and lots of book on what to expect helps a great deal! I’m so glad the Miss Bindergarten series works so well for him. And I’ll bet you money that he has a smooth start come fall!

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