Growing Your Own Garden of Bloggy Friends

How to Grow Your Blog Audience

I started blogging three years ago and it’s been a journey of learning so intense it’s like drinking from a fire hydrant. There was so much to learn, from technical skills since I have none, to social media which was completely new to me, to sharpening my writing skills to build a community of readers.

Reading fashion and design blogs was one way I learned to blog, even though it was not the focus of my blog. I learned a lot from grandfather-of-blogging The Sartorialist. I never met him but I learned things like: treat your blog as your business, continuously improve, and focus on content. From Garance Dore, I learned how to express my own voice from reading her lovely blog. Coco Cozy’s design blog showed me that consistency is key. They all imparted “seeds of knowledge” for growing my own bloggy community.

Ian Chia was my first significant Twitter friend. He introduced me to education mom blogger Imagination Soup which was and is my aspirational blog. Reading her blog inspires me to be a getter blogger and I learn something helpful from every single post she writes. She’s very supportive too. When I waxed enthusiastically in a comment about getting reluctant readers reading, she invited me to guest post.

I started following blogs based on those bloggers who left comments on my blog. I wish I had noticed or had been told to do this when I first started. It’s a really organic way to find your tribe. I discovered Craftwhack this way and love her blog because she unfailingly makes me laugh! She launched Artchoo! and now I have a source of art ideas for my oldest child. Not just art projects, but art education too, showcasing cool art and design for kids.

Is it a weird coincidence that Doodles And Jots, another commenting friend, turns out to be a classmate from RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) of Artchoo? Doodles and Jobs cares about the same things I do, like science and math, but she has a perspective that makes me slow down. Because of her, I learned to appreciate the little moments in life like eggs hatching outside her window, or mathematical patterns in nature such as fractals and spirals that she finds in trees, ponds and flowers.

Mama C and Boys is another find from comments. She blogs on her multi-racial adopted boys, deeply cherishing each moment as a mother and writes in a lyrical and poetic way. She reminds me that the days are long but the years are short.

Vanita Cyril of After Bedtime Blog is my go to for improving my SEO. When I accidentally changed my permalinks and lost two-thirds of my traffic, she fixed that and gently but firmly taught me how to fix chronic SEO blunders I had made for two years including researching key words, using H2 headers, re-sizing photos for load speed.

Some of my bloggy influencers live near by so I get to see them in real life. Capability:Mom is my neighbor and partner-in-crime for social media consulting. I learned to loosen my voice from reading her blog. Charlene Chronicles gives me advice on the legal side of blogging like photo attribution as well as the business of blogging. Bea Abascal is my yoga teacher and her blog reminds me of the importance of self-care.

And, of course, BlogFrog made me realize that blogging is about community! Finding and supporting your community. The “water” is my interactions from commenting to retweeting. The “perennials” are those stalwart readers who keep coming back. The “annuals” are those who come via Google searches and even stop to stay a while. Thank you to all of you!

I am thankful to everyone for helping me create my own bloggy garden. It’s beauty stems from you; I am just the gardener and the dreamer of dreams.

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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