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Cooking Camp is What’s For Dinner

Cooking Camp for Kids

My oldest, Grasshopper and Sensei. went to a cooking day camp for a week. It was an expensive week but when you factored in the meals she brought home that fed our family of five, it was a bargain. We would get a breakfast baked good, two desserts, entrée, sides, and salads from recipes of FoodTV network stars. One day there was homemade pasta using a recipe by Mario Batali! I think the amazing creamy polenta was his too. Read more…

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Best Beginning Chapter Books for 2nd and 3rd Grade

Best Books for Beginning Readers

My pubic library creates a great list for summer reading and this is the list I need for my rising 2nd grader.  My library doesn’t like Scholastic beginning chapter book series like Ninjago, Rainbow Fairies, Hiro Quest, or My Weird School. My kids’ first grade teacher does not love them either. Finding really good easy chapter book is tough which is probably why this list is so short. It’s culled from mostly newly published books. Read more…

Week 9: Rising 2nd Grade Summer Math Problems

Rising 2nd Grade Summer Math Review

How is your summer math review going? Do you find your child likes online math games or board games with math concepts better? How about math in animal picture books? Maybe math apps are the way to go? Read more…

Tea Collection Clothes for Picky Boys Like Mine! Buy 3 Get 4th FREE!

Special Savings From Tea Collection!

Offer: Buy 3 select back to school separates and get the 4th free (Offer only valid with clothing that includes 3+1 symbol) Read more…

Olympic Chapter Books & Non-Fiction For 4th Grade & 2nd Grade

Olympics in Chapter Books for 4th grade

I get this great newsletter from Random House Kids and wanted to share their newly published chapter books on the Olympics. Read more…

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BlogHer12 Link Up for Bloggers

Blogging for Women and BlogHer 2012

Capability:Mom and I went for the first time to BlogHer and it was like a mysterious game in which you don’t get the rules to play by. Everyone seems to know the rules, or at least the bloggers who seem to be in the thick of things including sponsors, private parties and swag so it’s easy to feel like a loser. And yet, there were 130 sponsors eager to meet bloggers so there is something and someone for everybody. Read more…

Albatross, Eagle, Birdie … and Turkey!

Best Golf Books for Dads and Father-in-Laws

Albatross*: 2 on a par 5 hole, 1 on par 4 holeEagle: 3 on par 5 hole, 2 on par 4 hole, 1 on par 3 hole (a.k.a. hole in one!)

Birdie: 4 on par 5 hole, 3 on par 4 hole, 2 on par 3 hole Read more…

Top 10: Best Asian American Books by CoolAsianKids

Best Asian American Chapter Books

I met CoolAsianKids, Chloe and Eileen, who agreed to guest post for me on their favorite Asian American authors in between basketball camp, Chinese immersion camp and driver’s ed: Read more…

Week 8: Rising 2nd Grade Summer Math Problems

Rising 2nd Grade Summer Math

Many people have asked for summer math problems for other grades. My school has helpfully provided this summer curriculum for rising 2nd grade but for other grades, there isn’t a daily math problem curriculum (yet). Instead, my school has these great math games for other grades. Read more…