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Top 10 Reasons Why Dogs Are Easier Than Kids

Dogs versus Kids?

It was an easy week for me last week. My two older girls were at sleep away camp so we just had our rising 2nd grade son. The house was quiet and he reveled at being an only child. I still had dog walking duties and they are not insignificant. My dog, now 2 years old, needs a 3 mile off leash hike daily. Still, as I reflected on dog vs kids, I dashed off this tongue-in-cheek list of why dogs are easier –some would even say better but I certainly wouldn’t! — list of why dogs ARE easier than kids!

1) You can leave dogs at home unsupervised for hours without looking like a bad mom.

2) Dogs are easy to wake up in the morning compared to kids, particularly teens!

3) When dogs misplace their toy, they don’t throw a nutty to make you search for it.

4) Dogs don’t need sunscreen.

5) Dogs don’t have to be fed every three hours.

6) A dog’s bathing requirements are minimal and practically optional.

7) Dogs aren’t fussy about their water source. You will never hear your dog say, “Eh, I can’t drink it. SHE touched it.”

8) Dogs get along well with their siblings.

9) Dogs are better at napping. You would never have to drive around for hours trying to get your dog to fall asleep!

10) Dogs actually come when called.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Hysterical!

    I always say kids are like dogs: you have got to run them for them to behave!
    DrRajka recently posted…I have a degree in molecular science but now I’m a mum no-one wants to employ me.My Profile

  2. Dee

    You will also never have to pay for a dog to go to college, and you can leave them home while you go to work!
    Dee recently posted…The Honeymoon is OverMy Profile

  3. This is a funny list! I have a very high maintenance dog. She does go batty if she can’t find something, she barks more than my kids yell, and she has to sleep under my bed every night…so for me, it’s a wash! 🙂
    Jenn recently posted…Holy Crap – Summer’s Almost Over!My Profile

    • Hi Jean,
      That’s so funny that you have a dog that is more work than a kid! She must be very smart to remember that she lost something. My dog doesn’t seem to notice.

  4. antoinette . (@divasupermum)

    never owned a dog, but i do belive you when you say dogs are easier then kids, very funny blog so enjoyed it

  5. Ann

    This is so funny! No sun screen is a great one and leaving them at home!!!
    Ann recently posted…It’s a CinchMy Profile

  6. Artchoo!

    No sunscreen is my favorite! I hadn’t thought of it, but that is another great reason to have a dog.
    Artchoo! recently posted…Scandinavian Kids’ FurnitureMy Profile

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