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Blogging for Women and BlogHer 2012

Capability:Mom and I went for the first time to BlogHer and it was like a mysterious game in which you don’t get the rules to play by. Everyone seems to know the rules, or at least the bloggers who seem to be in the thick of things including sponsors, private parties and swag so it’s easy to feel like a loser. And yet, there were 130 sponsors eager to meet bloggers so there is something and someone for everybody.

I personally viewed this as a trade show and it takes me one year just to get my feet wet. I remembered when I started a women’s golf apparel company in Los Angeles and exhibited at my first PGA show. My booth was built-in an apartment out of plywood, not trucked in by several Semi’s like Nike. My booth certainly did not have stairs!!

But what a difference a year makes. I remember my second show was in Vegas and we knew the drill. With one marquee resort in Hawaii as a client, we were able to secure Nordstroms and Pebble Beach. But signing up big clients is a far cry from making a profit.

Which is why I love to talk shop with start-ups like Sifteo, Kuyam, and Ibotta. VC money or seed capital? Issues of scale. Dreaming up the next iteration. For Kuyam, I requested the ability to figure out carpools based on connecting schedules with friends. I hope that is on the way. With Sifteo, price point and how to bring it down since the substitute product is an iPod Touch. For IBotta, how to change consumer behavior and who the target customer is.

I will continue to post on BlogHer 2012 because I met some of the nicest people including bloggers and company representatives. BlogHer was NYC to me: overstimulating, huge, overcrowded but also exciting, full of possibilities and optimism. Start spreading the news … I am leaving today … I want to be a part of it … New York, New York!

As an education and children’s and YA book blogger, I’m on the look out for education toys and games as well as devices to help busy parents.

Educational Finds helps parents access all their children’s school supply lists from one convenient location, 24/7, and print them out or find them on their smartphone while they’re out shopping. Schools and teachers have the chance to win prizes like free school supplies and gift cards.

Healthy Classrooms Sweepstakes from Lysol. Teachers can win $500 in classroom supplies.

KneeBouncers is a great website for baby, toddler and preschool learning games. I have one code to GIVEAWAY so please leave a comment to win.


Sifteo is an interesting technology that translated into interactive game cubes for literacy, math or actually any subject. Bigger than dice, you can use 3 or 5 of them to play games that are included. The downside is price point. 3 cubes are $150. I talked them about lowering their price point and they are working on it! I imagine economies of scale or better sourcing of materials will kick in eventually. Think of these cubes as little computer game cubes. Fun stuff!!


Finds for Making Moms’ Life Easier

Kuyam is an online and human organizational assistant. Think Siri as your personal assistant. It will set up your appointments once you give it the parameters of what and when you need it. It’s free to users; the companies pay a 5% fee to get your business. I like this a lot. Think online checking — do the work to set up the system and then push a button once a month for those appointments that are not on a weekly schedule for you and your family.

LifeProof is an iPhone case that is water proof, dirt proof, snow proof, and shock proof. It’s like your iPhone hermetically sealed. Where was this two weeks ago when Grasshopper and Sensei dropped and cracked her iPhone screen? I spent $250 to fix it and had to make trips to Verizon store plus 20 minutes to iPhone insurance company only to end up at Apple Store Geek Bar to get it fixed. For $250! LifeProof is only $79.99 and looks cool too! For iPad too.

Ibotta take couponing to your iPhone. Still in beta but soft launching this September, Ibotta gives you cash back for grocery store coupons via your iPhone.

Sgrouples is a solution for keeping kids safe on the internet. It still connects them to social media but keeps them safe from cyberbullying and other bad things

Power and Free Lysol Wipes (and spray) is something I needed when I was the parent helper at my Cooperative Preschool. It uses hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach so it doesn’t suck all the moisture out of your skin. Now that I am on a kick to get my kids to help out with household chores more, a spray cleaner that they don’t complain about is extremely helpful!


Healthy Food Child Friendly Food Finds

Dannon is coming out with a new line of Greek yogurt called Oikos with flavors like Mango/Apricot. It’s like PinkBerry in terms of flavors but not frozen like Pinkberry. The Mango/Apricot cup I samples had the right balance of sweet to tart and I like my yogurt on the tart side. My kids will like this and it’s a healthy snack or breakfast. Coming soon to grocery stores everywhere!

Rickland Orchards has a great line of Greek Yogurt granola bars. I love the pairing of carb with protein that my nutritionist insists on. Melanie in the Middle liked them too!

p.s. Thank you to McDonalds for providing us with great transportation to BlogHer along with lots of nice Boston Bloggers from the Boston Parents Bloggers group!

How about you? What did you think of BlogHer12? Please link up!

Please check out the other bloggers’ experience at BlogHer.

(In the spirit of Martha Stewart who learns something new everyday, thank you to Dagmar Bleasdale for her Wordless Wednesday. I am now using her Link Up 2.0 tool which is much better and more visual than Mr. Linky and I only needed to bother the helpdesk once. Ok, twice!)

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Ann

    Sounds BIG and fun!!! Definitely want to go one day!

    Love the pictures, how cute are you?!
    Ann recently posted…BubblesMy Profile

    • Hi Ann,
      You are so nice to say that. I take terrible pictures and almost didn’t use them but then I realized that I really failed to take many pictures at all. Newbie error!

  2. What a great recap, Im saving it to reference later, thanks for the link up!

  3. Great post and some great finds. I love your blog. I’ll def be trying some of your games and printouts with my children.
    Amanda recently posted…Blogher 12 The Highs and The LowsMy Profile

    • Hi Amanda,
      I loved your High/Low post so much! So glad to meet you and am looking forward to hanging out with you and the Needham/MetroWest mommy blogger gang! We’re neighbors!

  4. Wow! What a great wrap up post. Very thorough. I had such a good time and it was great to see you there!
    melanie feehan recently posted…Dealing With FearMy Profile

    • Hi Melanie,
      I so enjoyed both your posts on BlogHer! As a newbie I had a much different experience with less invites so it was good to know how it really works! Next time!

  5. HI Mia,
    I’m so useless at these things. Would you mind telling me how this linkup works?

    Would like to join if possible.
    Thanks! 🙂
    Educationdiva (Ruth Spivak) recently posted…Relive your childhood: Disney’s Read-Along Adventures are back!My Profile

    • Hi Ruth,
      If you posted on BlogHer12, just click on link and put the link in. Or leave a comment with your link and I’ll do it for you. I know how it is, it took me ALL DAY to figure out how to set up the Linky!

  6. Asianmommy

    Nice to hear about your experience at BlogHer–hope to see you next year in Chicago!
    Asianmommy recently posted…Summer Fun at The Center for GiftedMy Profile

  7. Glad you had fun! I agree that the people were fantastic!
    Charise recently posted…What I Really Thought About the #BlogHer12 ConferenceMy Profile

    • Hi Charise,
      I wouldn’t say that it was fun, per se, but the best part was meeting other bloggers. I wish there was more time and structured exercises to help us all mix. I think it’s just too big.

  8. KneeBouncers sounds like so much fun. I love finding new games for the kids to enjoy!

    • Hi Alison,
      Did you get a chance to check out their booth at BlogHer? It is a nice site for toddler and preschoolers. Lots of really fun interactive games. Are your kids that age?

  9. I can’t wait to go to my first Blog Her conference. I’m planning for next year. Your photos are great, inspiring. Thanks for linking up!
    Molly Jo recently posted…I Had a Job Interview Today!My Profile

  10. Loved your post. It was so detailed and informative. I think I missed a lot even though I was there. Your blog is amazing, and I look forward to connecting with you more through BPB and other events. Thanks again for the link-up.

    • Hi Nikki,
      Thanks so much for linking up! It’s fun to see what everyone thought of BlogHer12! I feel the same — like I attended an alternative universe version of BlogHer12 which had a lot less. Next year!

  11. Hi Mia,

    Fun to meet you, even if it was as we were heading off to the train station after attending BlogHer. It seemed to me that there were actually many newbies (like me)at the convention–which made it easy to find others who were eager to meet and chat.

    Hope your trip back to Boston was uneventful. And I look forward to seeing you at another BlogHer convention. (I will likely go to BlogHer Food instead next year, not sure yet about BlogHer Chicago.) I’ll be in touch about my upcoming cookbook. Best, Nancy
    nancy baggett recently posted…Waging War on Wordiness: Tips for Writing More Powerful ProseMy Profile

    • Hi Nancy,
      It was so nice to meet you as we both were leaving BlogHer12. Meeting bloggers like you was the best part of going to BlogHer! Yes, I’d love to review your new cookie cookbook! I’m excited about it!

  12. Great to go to Blogher with you – I am still processing the whole experience!
    capability recently posted…Post BlogHer PostMy Profile

  13. Artchoo!

    It’s so fun to see you at Blogher! It’s nice to read your confirmation of how overwhelming it can be- Ive heard that so many times. Hopefully I’ll be Blogher bound next year to get overwhelmed. Oh, and to meet you!
    Artchoo! recently posted…Nice to Meet You!My Profile

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