Week 7: Rising 2nd Grade Summer Math Problems

Rising 2nd Grade Summer Math

More great picture books with math concepts.

p.s. The other weeks are here: Week 1, Week 2Week 3Week 4, Week 5, Week 6.

Picture Books With Math Concepts

Math Curse by Jon Scieszka.  Imagine waking up and finding out that everything in life is a math problem?!   Hilarious and full of fun everyday math problems.  The next day turns out to be fine, until … science class! [ages 5-9]

Math Curse, Jon Scieszka Lane Smith, picture book that teaches math, http://PragmaticMom.com, Pragmatic Mom, PragmaticMom

Ninety-Three in My Family by Erica S. Perl. A really run rhyming book that is also a great story book . You can sneak math in by counting the 93 members of the family using the handy chart in the back. Her website has other games and activities incorporating math with her book. [ages 3-7]

Chimp Math: Learning About Time from a Baby Chimpanzee by Ann Whitehead Nagda.

Minnie’s Diner: A Multiplying Menu by Dayle Ann Dodds and John Manders. The story is so fun that your child doesn’t even realize that s/he is being exposed to the concept of multiplication. [ages 4-8]

Panda Math: Learning About Subtraction from Hua Mei and Mei Sheng by Ann Whitehead Nagda.

Polar Bear Math: Learning About Fractions from Klondike and Snow by Ann Whitehead Nagda.

Cheetah Math: Learning About Division from Baby Cheetahs by Ann Whitehead Nagda.

Tiger Math: Learning to Graph from a Baby Tiger by Ann Whitehead Nagda.

Mathematwist by T V Padma, illustrated by Proiti Roy

What could Caesar’s general have in common with multiplication and weights? Or a Russian waiter with factorials? Or a temple in Hanoi with transposition? A Chinese emperor with Benjamin Franklin and Albrecht Duerer?

This book is a collection of stories from different countries. Each story sets the brain ticking, encouraging problem-solving skills, with a high quotient of fun! And each is followed by a simple explanation of the maths behind the ‘magic’, that dispels the esoteric haze from the subject and makes it accessible.
A fascinating collection about mathematics and the world, from a country that has been prominent on the number map from ancient times.  [picture book, ages 10 and older]

Mathematwist, picture books that teach math concepts, http://PragmaticMom.com

You Can Count On Monsters by Richard Evan Schwartz

Capability:Mom sent me this and it was on NPR. What is so neat about this book is that the math is embedded into the drawings of monsters. Concepts like prime numbers, fractions and factoring and the idea here is to use these fun colorful monster drawings to find patterns — the basis for mathematics. [picture book, ages 4-8]

Our latest favorite series is the Sir Cumference series that a reader told me about.

Assisted by his knight, Sir Cumference, and using ideas offered by his wife and son, King Arthur finds the perfect shape for his table.

When Sir Cumference drinks a potion which turns him into a dragon, his son Radius searches for the magic number known as pi, which will restore him to his former shape.

Sir Cumference and Lady Di planned a surprise birthday party for King Arthur, but they didnt expect so many guests to show up. How many lunches will they need? And with more guests arriving by the minute, what about dinner? Sir Cumference and Lady Di have to figure out a quick way to count the guests to bring order to the party. Sir Cumference and his friends have been entertaining young and old alike for years as they introduce important math concepts with clarity and humor.

Radius is on a quest to earn his knighthood! With only a circular medallion, a mysterious poem, and his own wits to guide him, he must find and rescue a missing king.

Xaxon Yellowbearyd was the fiercest Viking warrior of his time. Now a map to his hidden treasure lies in Radius’s and Per’s hands. Together the cousins must decode the strange numbered grid on the map-and figure out the secret of the Viking’s X and Y axes. As bungling bandits pursue them, Radius and Per use coordinate geometry in their quest for “treasure of the greatest measure”.

In an adventurous title that teaches math skills, such as finding the area and perimeter of a rectangle and a circle, young Per must figure out how to unlock the secrets of the mysterious island of Immeter.

King Arthur has issued a challenge. The first knight to find the sword Edgecalibur will be the next king. Sir Cumference, Lady Di of Ameter, and their son, Radius, race to help their friend, Vertex, find the sword.

To view any book more closely at Amazon, please click on image of book or purchase at Barnes and Noble by going here.

Monday, July 30

Write a number story for 10 – 3 (10 minus 3 = ). Write a number story for 10 + 3.

Tuesday, July 31

How many doors are there in your home? How many windows are there in your home? Does your home have more doors or windows? How many more?

Wednesday, August 1

Write the months of the year in order. Write how many days are in each month.

Thursday, August 2

Ben has 52 markers. How many bundles of ten can he make? How many leftovers?

Friday, August 3

Play the Shark Game here.

Saturday, August 4

Use paper clips or noodles to measure a book. How long is it?

Practice your addition facts.

Sunday, August 5

Draw clocks to show what time you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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  1. Ann

    My kids loved Math Curse! I really want to check out Sir Cumference!!! Thanks for this week’s math! I like write a story for 10 – 3 and meal time clock – fun activities!
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    • Hi Ann,
      Isn’t Math Curse so much fun?! Sir Cumference isn’t as fun but very educational and my son loved solving the mysteries. I wish the illustrations were more modern.

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