Week 5: Summer Math for Incoming 2nd Grade

Math Games for Kids

My elementary school also give some great and fun and educational board games and card games that support math learning. Make one night a week a family game night and try any of these games.

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p.p.s. More Fun and Educational Board Games here. Games to Build Vocabulary here.


Fun Board Games and Card Games with Math Concepts

Monopoly for Kids









Go Fish!

Guess Who?

Clue Junior

Connect Four


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Monday, July 16

Get a cup of dry cereal or dry beans. Put the cereal or beans into groups of 5. Count by 5’s. How many pieces of cereal do you have? Is it an odd or even number?

Tuesday, July 17

Count all of the shoes at home. Make a chart to graph the colors of the shoes. Color one box for each pair of shoes. Which color has the most? Which color has the most?

Wednesday, July 18

A class counted their ears. They counted 50 ears. How many students are there? At 3:00 there are 50 fingers in the classroom. How many students are there?

Thursday, July 19

I am a polygon. I have 4 sides. I have 4 angles. My sides are all the same length. I am not a square. Who am I?

Friday, July 20

Play Addition Top-It using a deck of cards. Use the Jack as an 0 and the Ace as a 1. Deal all of the cards. Turn over two cards. Whoever has the highest sum takes the cards.

Saturday, July 21

Label each cup of an egg carton with the numbers 0-11. Put two pennies in and close the lid. Shake it. OPen the lid and add the two numbers. Do it again.

Sunday, July 22

Start at 50. Count back by 1’s, 10’s and 5’s. Practice your addition facts.

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Artchoo

    Oh, I need to buy more games. We have some, but it’s so easy to get sick of the same old games. And it’s so easy to let electronics take over where board games once ruled supreme. (That sounds so dramatic.)

    • Hi Artchoo,
      I need more board games too. My kids tend to take games apart and make up their own games which really means the game gets destroyed fast and no ones really plays it.

  2. Ann

    Games are great! My kids play Sorry a lot. I should get some others too. I also keep meaning to play bingo with them – with prizes! Thanks for the suggestions and the summer math installment.
    Ann recently posted…I Like DollsMy Profile

    • Hi Ann,
      I really need to play more games with my kids. We tend to lose pieces very quickly. I need this weekly post to remind myself to have my son do his summer homework!

  3. Great games! The classics never go out of style!
    Sarah Dugo recently posted…The Magic of Compounding Interest!My Profile

    • Hi Sarah,
      Thanks so much! I know, right? Those classic board games still endure! I need to get more of them and actually play them with my kids. My son makes me play Uno and Connect Four.

  4. Vanita

    These are all great games. I remember the teens playing some of these games, especially the noisy Mancala.
    Vanita recently posted…Why Bigger Isn’t Better For Your BlogMy Profile

    • Hi Vanita,
      I really should be playing more board games with my kids. They are great as a fun way to support math and logical thinking. I wish I knew how to play Mancala though, even if it’s noisy!

  5. Mia: Good idea to keep the kids busy and their minds active…

    Posted by Cheryl D. Scott

    From my LinkedIn Group MOPS International
    Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Karen Bergreen’s Latest Funny Novel for MomsMy Profile

  6. Thanks so much. This week I also posted on the board and card games my school recommends that support math and logic.

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