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Balancing Social Media To Actually Get Things Done

Balancing The Demands of Social Media for Bloggers

Question: What is more demanding? Your kids or your social media to do list? Please comment!

I’m not sure why Artchoo! thinks I am good at balancing social media but I think it’s because I posted on Camp Mom with a lovely organized schedule. A plan, though, is much different from reality as you’ll note when I also posted on my first week of Camp Mom. Still, I appreciate her optimism and I can give you an ideal schedule for a perfect world.

I’ve asked other bloggers to help me out with their tips and tricks. My SEO Consultant to Mommy Bloggers juggles 4 kids with multiple blogs, and wide social media presence and her SEO consulting work. I have no idea how she does it.

Vanita Cyril: I’m usually reading blog posts at 4am with my morning coffee. To share my favorite reads on twitter and facebook at a time when sane people are awake and will see it, I use BufferApp  to schedule my shares on both platforms. After initial sign up, I create my schedule of the times I want my tweets and facebook recommends to go out (this can be adjusted from the dashboard at anytime) and then moving forward, all I have to do is click the Buffer icon in my browser whenever I want to share a page. The only draw back is having to add twitter handles manually to note the blogger within the tweet.

Capability:MomHootSuite is a fave and trying out SocialBro and Buffer but not part of routine yet sometimes checking out and engaging in real life without fake life makes it more authentic, too. Only bots are 24/7 on-line so even expressing you are taking a break is good sometimes. Love the Pin It button [for Pinterest] and HootSuite for easy sharing,

Please chime in and share anything you do that helps you work more efficiently as you traverse the vast social media time suck out there called blogging, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Stumble Upon, blogger communities, LinkedIn, You Tube, Tumblr, etc.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Hi Mia-

I thought of you today. I have been struggling with how to organize my time with blogging and kids- I’m finding myself getting really stressed out with trying to figure out what to focus on and when- what bloggy sites, social media, etc. to join and be active on, and how to keep up with a good blogging rhythm.
So naturally I thought of you. You seem to be doing it right. I think your post on organizing time with your kids for the summer months hit a chord with a lot of people, so I thought a post on organizing bloggy stuff would be a great idea. I know you’ve touched on blogging a tiny bit with your Pragmatic Mom site, and I’m not sure if this sort of topic would fit in or not, but I assume it could be a great traffic generator for you. I know there are lots of others like me out there looking for this info. that’s very hard to find…..
Anyway, that’s my babbling for the evening. Do with it what you will- I just felt the need to pass along my incredibly brilliant idea to you!
I’ll start by saying that there are roughly 3 buckets of “stuff” for us bloggers, all individually time-consuming:
Bucket 1: Daily Maintenance
This includes email but also your daily social media schedule of hopping around doing what you do. For me this includes 3 email boxes, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Which is to say that I like to do with consistency as few things daily like read my email, respond to Twitter interactions, wish Friends on Facebook happy birthday, and pin a few items. Also respond to comments on my blog and in my other communities.I also like to social media-ize my posts for that day (usually just 1 or 2 since I have 3 blogs), and leave comments on the blogs I read daily via an email feed. Just the daily minimum to maintain my social media presence. One tip: to social media-ize posts, write one comment for Facebook and then cut and paste for Google +, Pinterest etc.I do other things that aren’t really necessary. I check my Alexa score every day and update it on my blog since it’s dropping daily thanks to my SEO consultant. And I check my Amazon Associates account to see if I made any money the day before. This pays for the postage and handling of my book giveaways.Yikes this list is long. The key is to do this as filler time so it doesn’t suck up your entire day. It’s ok to miss a day too. Sometimes you have to skip in order to do Bucket 2…
Bucket 2: Creating
Creating for me means writing posts and when the muse is In The Zone, this is time to get cranking. Certain times of the day summon the muse more readily like first thing in the morning or after the kids are asleep  but it actually is a challenge to clear the decks to focus on writing but this is the most satisfying part of blogging and feels the most productive.
Bucket 3: Building Audience/Earning $ from Blog/Techy
This is a catchall bucket of things that you don’t have to do very often but the set up can be time-consuming and frustrating like figuring out a new tech, finding new bloggy communities to participate in, and learning new social media platforms that you aren’t already using.Artchoo likes the daily schedule approach but this a very loose guideline.Morning – 1 hour Clear the decks by doing the minimum of your daily maintenance but do this is batches:
1) Scan email for anything important and do this first
2) Quickly deal with emails that need 1 easy action like follow back Pinterest followers or LinkedIn requests. Do the 1 thing and then delete the email.
3) Make your To Do list for the day of the 1-3 things you really want to get done. Make these actionable items like Write 3 Blog Posts and set up Instagram account.
4) Now ignore the rest of your emails. Yes, ignore. Email is a black hole that can suck you in all day.
Morning – 1 to 2 hour
If your mind is flexing its creative muscles, write your posts. Keep writing until your eyes start to cross or no more than 2 hours.Now take a break. Walk the dog, go the grocery store, run those errands that you have every day.  During this time, particularly walking the dog time, I find that I can write posts in my head which is then fairly fast to type up at a later date. Eat lunch.Afternoon – 1 -2 hours or whatever you have
Finish up your To Do list in whatever time you have left before the kids come home.Afternoon – 1 hour but chopped up into 5 to 15 minute increments
Do mindless audience building like following and unfollowing followers on Twitter/BlogFrog/Pinterest etc. or adding more peeps to Facebook … you know what I’m talking about. Do this while you are multi-tasking other things like boiling water for pasta, waiting for kids to get ready for next activity, or overseeing play dates that are going smoothly.Evening – 1 Hour
Crank through your batched emails now. I like to queue up all the email feeds of blog posts I want to read and crank through them. I read them, leave a comment and social media the blogs in my Blog Exposure Group plus any great posts I run across. I also check my Twitter account and try to clear out my email box for the day.

Evening – 1 Hour
If I can’t sleep and my mind is racing, I’ll write some posts. Otherwise, I might read or go to bed. Every now and then when I can’t fall asleep, I’ll tackle a Bucket #3 project, maybe no more than once a month. Once I’ve figured this THING out, I’ll add this to my daily maintenance.

So what does that really mean? I’ve added creating my own BlogFrog community and posting to Bloggy Moms to daily maintenance though it’s taken me two years to figure these out. I want to add an Instagram account to my iPhone and figure out what to do with that. Ditto for Tumblr. And I’m still figuring out how to edit video on YouTube. I’ve built my Pinterest account to 1850+ followers so I’m leaving this on maintenance for now but I had spent the better part of a month building my community and pinboards.

It turns out that I can’t write posts every day. Some days are choppier than others. Other mornings are lost to exercising. That’s ok because when I write posts, I often can create 5 in one day because using that choppy bucket 3 time, I will create blog post drafts with just ideas and schedule the day it will run.I also found two easy tools for Twitter: BufferApp for Tweeting all at once but having this tool spread them out. I learned about this one from Magic Beans founder Sheri Gurock. And Just Unfollow to easily follow/unfollow tweeps. This find was from Capability:Mom. I use TweetDeck for hosting Twitter parties. It’s also great for editing a retweet.What tips and tricks can you suggest? Please share!
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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Dr. Rajka

    Great post for discussion. I use hootsuite but probably not to its fullest potential.

    Aside frome a checklist I use after posts the rest of the SM is so random. I only share what I am inspired to share. I have a tough time reading a plethora of blogs as I have so much medical literature etc to read.
    Dr. Rajka recently posted…I have a degree in molecular science but now I’m a mum no-one wants to employ me.My Profile

    • Hi Dr. Rajka,
      I still have to learn HootSuite but I get Tech Weariness — an affliction caused by trying to learn too much social media technology. I agree that it gets to be too much, especially for those of us bloggers trying to grow our audience so our blogs generate a tiny bit of $.

  2. Great post! I love Timely, hootsuite, buffer. As long as everything is planned in advance, and preferably for about 4-7 days, I feel happy and content.

    I also like to break up the content with images and videos as much as I can.

  3. Artchoo

    Look at you! I knew you’d have some excellent info. There are some great suggestions here that I will work on putting in place. There is SO much to be overwhelmed by, and I have a problem with pacing and being patient. Okay, deep breath. Thanks! You’re my blogging hero.
    Artchoo recently posted…Kids Learn Installation Art- Andy GoldsworthyMy Profile

    • Hi Artchoo,
      As I wrote this, I realized how insanely busy social media can be. It’s like a hamster running like a maniac on a wheel. I think I am going to stick with 3 goals a day plus the maintenance. That’s a full plate for me.

  4. Vanita

    I need to print your tips. These are awesome. Thanks so much for the shout out. As you know, I really dislike facebook, so I’ve switched up my strategy a bit… I’m using TweetDeck now to schedule tweets of posts I’ve read – at ungodly hours – and I’ve set Twitter to auto tweet to my facebook fan page. It’s been working okay the past few days. We’ll see if i stick with it.
    Vanita recently posted…Tuesday’s Tear Sheet: New WordPress Design projectsMy Profile

    • Hi Vanita,
      I had no idea you can schedule tweets with TweetDeck and I use TweetDeck! Thanks for sharing that tip! Keep us posted how this new strategy is working out so we can copy!

  5. Great tips here.. I am a newbie web-blogger and i have big dreams of expanding it in the near future (write and publish a children’s book, create professional team of special educators stuff like that) and lookin at some big sites out there i.e. just like your pragmatic mom, i feel how am i gonna juggle all these things that you guys can do.. at the moment am taking things slow and easy. I synchronized my emails so i can view and open them to a handy gadget (phone/ ipad), so that minus time for me when i had to go visiting other sites, leave comments and etc.. my social media like fb and google+ i try as much as i can to limit the people in my f-list to just closest friends (primary, H.S, Uni.) and family so that only makes 245 people.. easy for me to manage. as of now i dont have pinterest account yet since am not sure if i can manage that, but i have linked – in, tweeter, which i just link all my posts directly to it.. i seldom visit and spend time doing it.. when I write post it takes me 3 hrs to do everythin (photos, updates, editing etc)

    am still super disorganized but this tips here will help me a lot for sure..

    thanks so much!!

    • Hi MariaAna,
      You are so welcome. Thanks so much for your comment. There are almost too many options for building a following in social media and all are time consuming. Therein lies the problem. I think it helped me to build an audience one at at time in a focused way per platform, and then switch into maintenance mode once you seem to have traction. Little by little is what I’d advise. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

  6. Thank you so much for the post. As a relatively new blogger, I still have a lot to learn and the info. Here will save me a lOt of time. I have shared this post with my fellow bloggers at I think even seasoned bloggers will find useful tips.

    • Hi Ruth,
      Thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing my post. My hope is that everyone chimes in with a tip or two and we all learn together. That’s the thing about social media: there is always something new and cool to learn but that is also the problem!

  7. Ann

    My head is spinning in a good way… Thanks for a peak in your process!!! I love when I make a few posts in a day to free up time – I need to do that more. There are so many other great ideas here. I am taking notes. Thanks!
    Ann recently posted…Birders ARE TOO Cool!My Profile

    • Hi Ann,
      It is a lot of work to blog daily plus do the social media stuff to grow an audience. I would love to hear your proces too! Please share any tips and tricks that you use to streamline the social media stuff.

  8. Great post and love the tips on breaking it down – it is true about the black hole of email…I am trying to be more organized – this will help – thanks!!
    capability recently posted…A Preschool Mom’s DayMy Profile

  9. Oh my gosh…I got so tired after reading this. A schedule? No wonder I never get anything done!!
    Diane – It’s All Good Until You Burn Dinner recently posted…Oscar Pistorius – Portrait of a True HeroMy Profile

    • Hi Diane,
      I know it sounds insanely time consuming and it is, at first, just to build a following platform by platform. No rush though. And once you have the following you want, you can shift down into maintenance mode which takes much less time! And this is only for bloggers who want to generate income from blog by getting a large audience. If you blog for self expression, there is no need to do all this work.

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