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Great Blogs for Moms

I’ve been part of a Blogging Exposure Group that Vanita and I started a few months ago and it’s been a great way to find my tribe of bloggers to help our blogs get more audience. But in reading their blogs, we’ve discovered that this group is not just about getting short-term results, but a wonderful way to meet like-minded mommy bloggers and make new virtual friends.

And what I’ve discovered is that good bloggers are on personal journeys … the destination may be unknown but they take their readers along for the ride, sharing the ups and the downs in such a way that we root for them, feel their pain, and celebrate their successes. They are also intense bloggers, typically blogging daily with posts that clearly take at least an hour to create.

They’re on social media and I bump into them on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Stumble Upon and Pinterest. And at blogging conferences too. Though they may make money from blogging (or not), I get the sense that the blog IS the part of the journey to a goal that might include being paid to blog, a book deal, or something more elusive.

If you are interested in joining our little B.E.G. (Blog Exposure Group), leave a comment. We are asking for a one month commitment but you can re-up if it’s working for you. You’ll get the most from our group if you blog daily though it’s not required. Also, you should have a social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest and spend time daily on at least a few of these.

These are some of the blogs that I read daily. They are not all in my BEG group … yet!

Caroline Starr Rose

She’s a debut middle grade author of May B, a novel in verse. Not many children’s authors seem to post daily on their blogs because they are too busy writing which is understandable. And many are focused on their own sphere of life. She’s different. Her posts always have a nugget that makes you pay attention — something to learn or something to be inspired by.

After Bed Time Blog

Vanita Cyril is my Go To for SEO expertise and her blog not only has great tips and advice but also makes me laugh.

Doodles and Jots

We both think that Every-Moment-is-a-Teachable-Moment but Doodles and Jots is much better and finding interesting tie ins with nature. I love her posts on math in nature and birds. I always learn something interesting and useful from every post she writes. I adore her blog and she’s really nice too!


This is the Contagious Art and Design for Kids blog that Craftwhack recently started. Artchoo! and Doodles and Jots are both graduates from RISD, as I have come to find out, and creatively just seeps from their souls. My oldest is RISD or bust bound and this blog always inspires, informs, and delights!


Jeanette will be the first to tell you that this is NOT a blog about arts and crafts, IT’S HER SNARKY MOMMY HUMOR BLOG! And I look forward to every post but have to make sure that I am not drinking-while-reading or I will snort liquid up my nose. Yes, she’s very funny! You have been warned.

Imagination Soup

Melissa Taylor’s excellent blog focuses on creative and fun learning. I especially enjoy her posts on writing because I don’t do that at home and I don’t know where to begin. Exciting news for her: she has a book agent and I hope that she will publish a book with fun writing projects to do at home. I’d buy that in a heartbeat! Triplicate actually if it’s the kind of book you can write in.

The Brain Lair

My middle grade daughter thanks The Brain Lair for excellent book suggestions all year. I have her read the book reviews to figure out what she wants to read next. The Brain Lair never disappoints! The books we’ve bought from her suggestions were home run hits at home! As a middle school librarian, she knows her stuff! I’m glad we get access to her since she’s not at our school!

From the Mixed Up Files of Middle Grade Authors

One of my favorite group author blogs featuring about two dozen middle grade authors but flows seamlessly from post to post despite the fact that there are so many authors. I’ve actually won several times including a wonderful Skype author visit for 4th grade with Sheela Chari, of Vanished.

Argonne Chronicles

Dee is a super mom to me: I have a full-time job as a mom, a full-time job at a university, and several volunteer positions that feel like full-time jobs. I struggle to maintain my own separateness as a person while also wrangling my ADHD-diagnosed son, my ADHD-undiagnosed husband, an errant dog, a multitude of work projects, a church committee, and a dozen cub scouts. It’s not easy.

Mama C and the Boys

Mama Catherine parents her transracial family with such “staying present” love that she inspires me to be a better mother.

Expat Doctor Mom

I met Dr. Rajka (“Ryka”) Milanovic Galbraith though reading each other’s blogs. She has a great mom doctor perspective and gives helpful advice on a myriad of topics.

Charlene Chronicles

I met Charlene face to face (imagine that?!) at local Boston blogging events. She’s fun and super nice. Her posts are the same: fun to read and always interesting. If you need bloggy legal advice, she’s the right person to turn to.

Capability Mom

Last but certainly not least, Capability Mom is the Mom Next Door. I’m lucky because she is actually my neighbor and my friend and my social media consultant partner in crime. And somehow I end up on the volunteer committees that she heads. Her blog gives the inside scoop in Boston for moms.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Kenneth Salvatore

    I am very glad to know about this opportunity. I want to join Blog exposure group and i have a presence at Facebook. Thanks.
    Kenneth Salvatore recently posted…El InformeMy Profile

    • Hi Kenneth,
      A Blog Exposure Group is great. We’re probably not the right group for you since we are mommy bloggers and don’t read Spanish. Find your “tribe” and set one up. Start by looking at the blogs you read and/or have on your blogroll. And then just ask.

  2. Alison

    I love this post! Your list of blogs is a terrific resource and I’m looking forward to checking them out!

  3. Love this group of women – in real life and virtual life, too. Just like you to write such a nice piece but not to mention that you are the energy behind it all – while running lemonade stands with the kids, too. Thanks for putting me in such great company – I am inspired to post more because of this group!
    Capability recently posted…The Summer of Non-Cooking ContinuedMy Profile

  4. You have shared so much AMAZING Mama blog love this week, and all year. I really appreciate the work you do in the world on so many layers!
    Mama C and the Boys/ Catherine recently posted…Significant males in our lives dayMy Profile

  5. vanita

    thank you for the shout out girl! i am humbled. and thank you for introducing me to these wonderful bloogers. now i’ve got to check out the few i haven’t met!
    vanita recently posted…Advice for the Freshman BloggerMy Profile

  6. Ann

    Thank you so much for including in is this top notch list! I am truly honored and looking forward to checking out a couple new ones to me too!!!
    Ann recently posted…Klutz Activity Book Giveaway!My Profile

  7. Artchoo

    You’re so cool! I love being associated with my blogging ladies, and now I’m going to go connect with the rest that you’ve listed. Blogging would be nothing without all of the great contacts and support.
    Artchoo recently posted…Glue Block PrintsMy Profile

  8. Love this post & thanks for featuring me! I love being a part of this because we often push our content but having support, friendships is part of social media. I would haven’t been able to get through the birth of my daughter without the post-comfort from fellow bloggers and commenters. So glad you created this group!
    Charlene ( recently posted…My Day on Fox 25 Morning NewsMy Profile

    • Hi Charlene,
      I am so glad and honored to have you. Congrats on your new precious angel and what a great blog post it was to read about the c-section drama. I had no idea how dangerous it is to have a virus when giving birth!

  9. Mia! Thank you!
    Caroline Starr Rose recently posted…Quick!My Profile

  10. Can I tell you how honored I am to be included here?? You help me keep my focus wide. I know I can come here when I need something for the siblings of my students or just some fun information! thank you!
    The Brain Lair recently posted…Batty About Books – Fahrenheit 451 by Ray BradburyMy Profile

    • Hi Brain Lair,
      Thank you so much for your kind comment. I’m honored also to be a resource for you! One of the best things about blogging is reading and being influenced by other blogs. It’s like being in school again and learning from your peers only in this case, we are all interested in what we are doing and learning.

  11. Dee

    Mia, you rock!! Thanks for the shout out. I had a crazy (read: miserable) day at work yesterday. Although I had opened your blog, I never actually got a chance to read it until today. Thanks!


  12. Wow, so very flattered at the mention. I love finding new mommy bloggers by word of mouth. Thanks so much for all of the listings. I have only just started to peruse them! Like attracts like so should find many of these that align with my interests! Thanks!

    I would love to be part of the Blogging Exposure Group! I am on all four social media sites: FB, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest. I use FB followed by twitter the most. I hope to increase the Twitter and Pinterest usage soon! As far as posts, I have only ever been once a week and recently dropped to twice a month in anticipation of the summer when we are back in the USA and I acquire 2 more kids! Hope this doesn’t exclude me!

    Happy Blogging!

  13. Caitriona Ellis

    Hi PM (couldn’t find your first name anywhere)

    Sounds like a great idea – would love to be part of me. I’m on a mission to Moms who want to escape their jobs to be home with their kids and have a family-friendly career.

    Will check back for details to get involved.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Kind Regards,
    Caitriona Ellis recently posted…How to cope with problems…My Profile

  14. Hi there! I don’t know if you are open to an international blog but I am Swapna and I blog at

    Vanita gushes about your excellent blog and I so badly want to connect with all you wonderful women.
    Swapna recently posted…Mommy- Love Thy SelfMy Profile

    • Hi Swampna,
      Thanks so much for your comment. Our group is maxed out at the moment but we will let you know when there is an opening. I do think these Blog Exposure Groups are great and you might want to consider starting another one if waiting is an issue.

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