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You’re Not Special: Graduation Speech

You Are Not Special Graduation Speech

David McCullough Jr., an English teacher at Wellesley High School, gave this funny and provocative high school graduation speech. It’s one town over from where I live. In fact, I live on the side that borders Wellesley. Except for Wellesley being more homogeneous, our kids are growing up in a very similar way.

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reading with giant teddy bear, caught in the act of reading

Kids Caught in the Act … of READING This Summer!

Summer Reading List for Kids

Do your kids need an incentive to read this summer? Tell them that if you send me a photo of them Caught In the Act … of READING! I’ll send them a book! How is your summer going?

Here are more kids caught in the act of reading!! Read more…

Argentina verus Brazil 2012, MetLife Staduim

Hat Trick: For Us and For Lionel Messi

Soccer Books for Dads and Lionel Messi’s Hat Trick

Three time’s a charm.

This was our third attempt to see Messi play soccer. Our D.C. trip to watch Barcelona versus Manchester United resulted in a loss for Barcelona as well as no Messi on the field. Our trip to Barcelona, Spain was booked before the La Liga schedule of games. Again, no Messi but we visited Camp Noa twice and walked by his old dorm. Read more…

best care packages for sleep away camp

Care Packages To Impress Your Kids at Sleepaway Camp

What Kids Want in Sleep Away Camp Care Packages

When Music Lovers went away to sleep away camp last summer, it was just for 5 days. She got off a long wait list as well, so it was sudden and we all had to scramble to get her ready. Hence, there was not need for that sleep away camp requisite Mommy-Loves-You care package. Whew! I got off easy. Read more…

5th Grade Chapter Books to Make Social Studies Exciting

Books for Kids to Make Social Studies Exciting

I’ve had to think for a long time how to make American Social Studies exciting for Dee’s son in fifth grade. My own kids give mixed reviews about social studies at their schools and I think that the only way to make it exciting is to: Read more…

Week 2: Summer Math Review for Rising 2nd Grade

2nd Grade Math Review

Join my son and I for summer math review supplied by his school. This is week two. We normally do one week in one sitting just to make it easier to do it in one fell swoop. How do you like to do it? Can you remember to do one problem a day? We can’t! Read more…

Gem, Holly Hobbie, wordless picture book, wordless picture books with frogs or toads

2 Wordless Picture Books GIVEAWAYS and How to Read Them

Best Books for Kids to Boost Creativity

I know that I sound like a moron but exactly how does one “read” a wordless picture book? I’m the kind of person that needs detailed instructions so I thought I’d research it because this whole concept of wordless picture book is newish to me. I didn’t grow up with these but my kids and I have enjoyed a stack of them. Perhaps, though, flipping the pages like a slow-motion flip book is not the way to go. Read more…

Slow Dance. A Poem and Request from a Dying Girl. HOAX.

Slow Dance Dying Girl Hoax

Thank you to reader Laurie for informing me that this chain email is a HOAX. The link to prove this is here. So, there is no need to send this around via email and there are no matching donations being made. Still, it’s a good poem and a good message even though it now feels wrong. Read more…

Friday Find: Group Hug for My Mommy Blogging Tribe

Great Blogs for Moms

I’ve been part of a Blogging Exposure Group that Vanita and I started a few months ago and it’s been a great way to find my tribe of bloggers to help our blogs get more audience. But in reading their blogs, we’ve discovered that this group is not just about getting short-term results, but a wonderful way to meet like-minded mommy bloggers and make new virtual friends. Read more…