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Go Daddy

One Thing You Didn’t Know About Me & Win 3 Years Hosting with Go Daddy!

Why Go Daddy is My Go To

I didn’t know a lot about blogging when I started my blog two years ago. If my blog ever melted down, I called my blog template company. If I ever had an issue with blog speed home page loading, I’d call my hosting company. I was lucky that I hosted my blog on Go Daddy! Read more…

Book GIVEAWAY for Every Photo Received!

Great Books for Kids Caught In the Act of Reading

I would love to start up my Monday feature Caught in the Act … of Reading for this summer to as a reading strategy to keep kids reading this summer! To celebrate summer reading, I will be firing up this feature every Monday starting in June. Read more…

I love mom

Why God Made Moms (As Told by 2nd Grade Kids)

Humor for Moms: Kids Say the Darndest Things

Second grade kids have good theories on why god made moms. This will make you smile!

Read more…

Oh the places you'll go

Friday Find: Best Gifts for Grads

Great Gifts for Young Graduates

I can’t believe that the end of the school year is rapidly approaching! My kids gleefully report in with the final school day count on a weekly basis. 24 days to go! Whether it’s a preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, college, grad school or colleague leaving for new job, there seems to be an endless occasions for graduation gifts. Here’s my list with different price points, with of course, always a picture book to celebrate the achievement! Read more…

Where the wild things are, maurice sendak

Best Books for Kids: Classic Children’s Books Still Beloved Now

Best Classic Books for Kids

Maurice Sendak has left the house but it’s comforting to know that his work will live on forever, and thus, he will be beloved forever. There is a great piece in the New York Times: Read more…

Who Me? Sleepless Over Sleep Away Camp?

Sleep Away Camp Selection Strategies

My mom friend Penny joked that people spend thousands of dollars on summer sleep away camp consultants who find the perfect match for your child. Besides this large expenditure, there should be visits to prospective camps while in session and perhaps even a follow-up visit to the winner of the bake-off competition. Actually, it’s true. Most moms in our town do hire consultants and visit camps a year ahead of time. It’s like a warm up for the college application process. Read more…

bully books,

Meet Author Trudy Ludwig for Books on Bullying for Kids

Books on Bullying Kids Should Read

Pull up a chair, click on a book, and read why more educators, parents, librarians, organizations and experts are recommending My Secret BullyJust KiddingSorry!Trouble Talk®, Too PerfectConfessions of a Former Bully, and Better Than You as invaluable tools to supplement their life skills/character education/anti-bullying curricula. Read more…

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Best Summer Math Supplementation Work Books and More

Best Math Work Books

Yes I am that kind of mom that believes in summer math. Math is a learned skill not a gift of genetics. It’s like a shark; either you are moving forwards or you die. Ok, you don’t actually die but you start to forget and when September rolls around, you’ve gone backwards from where you were in June. Read more…


What Do You Call a Cottonelle Clean? Clean Tushies!

Best Toilet Paper and Wipes

Have you ever stayed at a really nice 5 star hotel only to be disappointed by your bathroom? Usually the bathrooms are really plush, right? Gorgeous with marble or granite. Deep, comfortable tub. Phone in the toilet room. Perhaps even a bidet? Read more…