Why Google Hates Mommy Bloggers plus SEO Tips

SEO Tips for Mommy Bloggers

My SEO Consultant is trying to keep up with the rapid changes from Google while translating them into changes for her blog and mine. It’s not easy as the rules seem to have change tremendously and continue to evolve as noted by the fact that they have even changed the name from Google Panda to now Google Penguin. What the heck?! Stop using cute animal names when you are doing something dastardly.

Here’s what I can decipher to get SEO from Google:

  • You need to post daily. As in 7 days a week. There is no day of rest.
  • Posts need to be a decent chunk of words. Think paragraphs not just a handful of sentences.
  • You are limited to 12 key word tags; 10 is better. (Don’t get rid of tags on older posts as that will cause a whole new can of worms. Just do this going forward).
  • Above the fold content is critical, hence you need a “landing page” in the upper left hand corner of your blog that is static. 700 words or more, of course.
  • You need to interlink to previous posts too. Try to find a couple of older posts that relate back to your new one.
  • No duplicate content. Good luck getting Organized Wisdom to stop reposting your stuff.
  • Update old posts as frequently as possible. ‘Cause you have so much time on your hands.

What does this mean to the 3.9 million of us moms who blog?

1) We need access to this new SEO information via videos, consultants, or hours online researching if we want to keep our traffic, let alone grow it.

2) We probably need a new template design or costly modifications to the one we have. Note that there aren’t templates out yet, for love or money, that fit these new SEO requirements.

3) We will need to blog daily and with substantially longer posts (for me least) that we already do.

The vast majority of us Mommy Bloggers are blogging for for love NOT money. If we mommy bloggers used our talents and pre-kid work experience and traded the hours of blogging for working, we would all be making more money. Blogging is not particularly lucrative. We do it for many reasons but money is definitely not on the top of the list.

And, as definition would have it, we are also mommies. Which means we have kids. Which means we spend a heck of a lot of time parenting, driving carpools, running errands, and cooking for our families. Some of us mommy bloggers also work outside the home.

So, now Google expects us to blog daily with 500+ word posts? Seriously?! Who has time to do this?

Oh, I know.

SEO companies and businesses with marketing departments and/or ad agencies to run their social media.

I’m sure if you have been blogging for a while, you get “guest author” requests from SEO companies. They’d love to write a post for you on a topic of their choice that somewhat relates to your blog. They won’t pay, of course. And their content is carefully peppered with key word phrases for their clients and their post is mind-numbingly generic and boring. There’s sure to be a Top 5 list. And there will be no point of view. It will sound like a Stepford wives write it. I’m sure they all have interns making $15/hour who crank this stuff out. I fell for that. And here’s how I weed them out. Ask them for the url of their blog. You know. A blog that relates to the stuff YOU blog about.

I’m sure Google doesn’t want any  more of this drivel than I do — I consider it Internet litter — but guess what? It is these SEO companies who have time to write lengthy posts daily.

This is how Google will now view your site.
Why are mommy bloggers getting the shaft? We are exactly the kind of authentic, not-for-money-but-for-community content that Google wants.
This makes me yearn for a paradigm shift. Remember when Yahoo got unseated by Google. Well, I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before this happens again. I hope this new upstart has more sympathy for Mommy bloggers. What kind of Mother’s Day gift is that?
Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing day!
p.s. I have more advice on blogging: How to Not to Blow Up Your Blog.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Artchoo

    “Stop using cute animal names when you are doing something dastardly.” Love this. I had no idea about all these new problems we face. Honestly, I’m happier not knowing much of it. I’ll do what I can to adhere to the new rules, but not to the detriment of my blog (or my sanity). Not worth it- I don’t want my blogs to lose their authenticity and my voice- then you end up losing readers anyway….. hmmmm.
    Artchoo recently posted…Use Google Art Project as a Teaching ToolMy Profile

    • Hi Artchoo,
      I hear you but I have to say that one hour of advice from a SEO expert is time well spent. It doesn’t have to change your blog or your voice but you will know what not to do and not make mistakes such as too many tags. I found the refocus from After Bedtime Blog SEO Consultant (Vanita Cyril) to be extremely helpful without selling my soul for traffic.

  2. It’s just plain tiring, overwhelming and depressing to try and keep up with Google.
    Autumn Beck recently posted…Are Cloth Diapers From China Bad?My Profile

    • To Autumn,
      I know what you mean. And sometimes I have done a lot of work to “fix” things only to have them make a change which now penalizes my “fix.” grrrr!

  3. Dee

    My blog is so little and (lately) so infrequent, that I’m sure the changes won’t even touch me! But this is good info. Keep fighting the good fight!

    • Hi Dee,
      Thanks for your encouragement! I really enjoy reading your blog! I received your email today and I’ll start working on your social science book post soon!

  4. Ann

    Wow, thanks for this info!!! Bookmarking this!

    I may be in trouble because my posts are usually super short. Although I always have original art/photos – how does Google count that – I wonder?

    BTW, what is Organized Wisdom? And I would love to see an example of the landing page…
    Ann recently posted…My MomMy Profile

    • Hi Ann,
      Look at the image that I have on the post to see how Google views a site now. AfterBedtimeBlog.com is a good example of a landing page that is optimized for the new Google. Organized Wisdom is some content aggregator that I agreed to let repost my posts a long time ago when I first started blogging. I need to figure out how to undo that. You might notice if you google a particular post of mine, the post that is posted on Organized Wisdom will come up instead of my blog.

  5. My head is spinning and great info although not sure I am going to change anything but I still like to know what I am not doing right!
    Capability recently posted…Happy Mother’s Day!My Profile

    • Hi Capabiity Mom,
      Vanita Cyril of AfterBedtimeBlog.com says that what is right for each blog will differ though some of the stuff is the same like the landing page. It’s worth it, I think, to get a SEO overview for an hour on your blog if you really want to build traffic.

  6. I might be wrong but these appear to be opinions and not facts.

    Btw, I am pleased that Google is taking steps to weed out spammers and this should not affect any blogs unless they are selling too many ads, stuffing keywords, selling text links etc. etc.

    • Hi Papa Post,
      Yes, definitely opinions and not facts. If you have insights though on Google, PLEASE share! So maddening! I am ok with Google taking steps to weed out spammy blogs but right now, I can’t find a lot of my own posts through Google when I search specifically for it. Fairly recent posts too! This is new for me; it used to work.

  7. I don’t have the faintest idea how to make a landing page. Ack! Advice? I have to do it myself, because I’m a boab, {blogger on a budget.}
    Kate recently posted…{Tucumcari}My Profile

    • Hi Kate,
      I don’t know how to either. You can see if your template will allow you to keep an “anchor” post up at the top of your blog. Alternately, I bet if you want a few months, there will be free templates that will have this feature. I don’t think it’s that hard to fix if you know HTML (which I do not). Black Coffee Media is my web design consultant company. He can probably do it for a few hundred dollars.

  8. Thanks for the great summary of what we should be looking for as Google changes (once again)! Since I am so new to the whole google/blog/online experience, I love reading the insights of seasoned bloggers – and I’m glad I’m not the only one using words like “dastardly” 🙂

    I really do wish there was a way that Google could change their algorithm so that it could distinguish between those of us who are trying to positively contribute and those who are trying to make money.

    Hope you had a nice Mother’s Day!
    Jacquie F. recently posted…Create a Summer Fun ListMy Profile

    • Hi Jacquie,
      Clearly, I am not an expert in this Google SEO thing but I agree with you! I don’t know if that will ever happen though! :(. Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day too!

  9. You’re fantastic! I think I can do that!
    Kate recently posted…{Tucumcari}My Profile

  10. This is all rather scary – I don’t have time to do half of all of that!

    Posted by Helen Neale

    From my LinkedIn Group Parent Bloggers
    Pragmatic Mom recently posted…What Do You Call a Cottonelle Clean? Clean Tushies!My Profile

  11. Yes, I recommend my SEO Consultant, Vanita Cyril of AfterBedTimeBlog.com vanita@afterbedtimeblog.com

    I think it is worth it to get even a few hours of focused SEO consulting to get a SEO plan that fits into your life.
    Pragmatic Mom recently posted…What Do You Call a Cottonelle Clean? Clean Tushies!My Profile

  12. Yikes! As a small business owner, trying to wear all the hats including keeping up a blog & being a Mommy-this is too much! Thanks for the info. I have to get that SEO consultant-recommend her?

    Sarah Dugo

    From my LinkedIn Group Parent Bloggers
    Pragmatic Mom recently posted…What Do You Call a Cottonelle Clean? Clean Tushies!My Profile

  13. I think there may be less time consuming but impactful things that you can do. For example, I had more than 10 tags per post. That used to be rewarded in old Google but now it’s penalized. My SEO consultant had to figure out how to get the tags “No Follow” so that new Google wouldn’t read it — it was reading each tag as a post. As soon as that happened (took a month to fix the Google thing), my traffic edged up.

    And now I know not to use more than 10 or 12 tags plus to use smarter tags that help readers find my content.

  14. Thanks for all your help-I’ll give her a jingle!

    Posted by Sarah Dugo

    From my LinkedIn Group Parent Bloggers
    Pragmatic Mom recently posted…What Do You Call a Cottonelle Clean? Clean Tushies!My Profile

  15. My pleasure. She’s very reasonably priced too!
    Pragmatic Mom recently posted…What Do You Call a Cottonelle Clean? Clean Tushies!My Profile

  16. I got the google slap a few years ago and never fully recovered. Now wondering if it was due to the many keywords I use to do. Tweeted your post.

    Posted by Elizabeth Ferree

    From my LinkedIn Group Parent Bloggers
    Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Make Vocabulary a Game with These Great Games and BooksMy Profile

  17. It really helped to hire someone for keywords. This had made all the difference. My traffic is coming back slowly thanks to Vanita Cyril of Afterbedtimeblog.com
    Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Make Vocabulary a Game with These Great Games and BooksMy Profile

  18. That’s really a great article indeed that I liked a lot.
    Daniel recently posted…Как можете да проектирате дизайна на вашия домMy Profile

  19. This made me laugh. I thought Mommy bloggers are safe with Google’s radar. Too bad they’re also hit.
    Lisa Chaves recently posted…The First Stepping Stones for Local Businesses: Killer Marketing plus Local SEO SpecialistsMy Profile

  20. Everything I read was very interesting.
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