What Do You Call a Cottonelle Clean? Clean Tushies!

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Have you ever stayed at a really nice 5 star hotel only to be disappointed by your bathroom? Usually the bathrooms are really plush, right? Gorgeous with marble or granite. Deep, comfortable tub. Phone in the toilet room. Perhaps even a bidet?

And in the pubic bathroom at the same hotel, there are even those cloth-like paper towels that are disposable but seem too nice to throw away.

But, have you ever noticed the toilet paper? Invariably, the toilet paper is either so thin that you can barely unroll the roll without having it break on you and you do need more than usual because it’s so thin OR the toilet paper feels as rough as sandpaper.

Why is that? Why do really nice hotels skimp on toilet paper? It drives me nuts.

At our home, we are really into soft and cushiony toilet paper. It might have started from the hemorrhoids that I suffered from my first pregnancy. 15 hours of labor did not help either! My bottom was so sore that I spent the first few weeks lying down; sitting upright was just too painful. I was only able to wipe with moistened wipes soaked in witch hazel. My bottom hurts just thinking about it!

Thankfully, the hemorrhoids passed after a few weeks, but there was something very nice about a flushable wipe for getting a clean and fresh feeling. We always kept flushable wipes handy in our bathrooms, careful to stock the same brand so that the refills would fit the old plastic container.

When our kids were potty training, flushable wipes were again a necessity. I think toilet paper was too abrasive for them since their bottoms were used to wipes. It was also easier for them to wipe with a flushable wipe to actually get clean.

That fresh feeling from a wipe is an easy addiction. My husband started reminding me to replenish when we ran low because he liked them too.

We tried a number of brands in a Goldilocks like of way. Some were too wet such that they were almost slippery in feel. Some were too thin causing the user to require multiple wipes which seemed wasteful. We thought Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Wipes were just right. Not too thin or too wet. And just the right thickness and size.

It’s a small indulgence but it makes our bathroom experience feel like a luxurious one. It’s too bad that 5 star hotels and fancy restaurants don’t adopt this in their bathrooms. It’s the little things that matter. And a clean tushie is a happy tushie.

Win a Year’s Supply of Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care Toilet Paper AND Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Wipes!

It’s Easy, Just Name It to Win!

One Winner A Week!

Cottonelle is asking people to rethink their bathroom routines by inviting you to try both products together to experience a clean so fresh that you will be inspired to name it. We call this the Cottonelle Care Routine. What will you name it?

Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care Toilet Paper and Fresh Care Flushable Wipes users can join the conversation to Name It on The Name Generator on Cottonelle Brand’s Facebook Page will allow users to get a name in three fun ways:

  1. The Randomizer: Simply click to get a name instantly
  2. The Personalizer: Answer a few questions for a personalized name
  3. The Customizer: Create a name to add to our Book of Names and enter for a chance to win a year’s supply of Cottonelle products.

To qualify for the year’s supply of Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care and Cottonelle Fresh Care, entrants must create a name through The Customizer on Cottonelle Brand’s Facebook Page between June 12, 2012, and February 28, 2013. Winners will be selected in a random drawing on a weekly basis. There is a limit of one prize per person. See full terms and conditions on Cottonelle Brand’s Facebook Page or

People can also participate by following @Cottonelle on Twitter for exclusive opportunities to win #NameIt prizes and check out the Book of Names on to see what others have named their routine and get fun bathroom trivia.

I  was compensated for this post. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.


By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Artchoo

    This is an amazing giveaway! I suppose I should stock up on flushable wipes to embark upon potty training. Eek!
    Artchoo recently posted…Print Transfer Project For Kids (You’ll Want to Make One, Too!)My Profile

  2. Ann

    Great prize indeed! Our family must have wipes too. My husband and I were talking about that the other day – you just can’t go back to TP alone once you’ve tried flushable wipes!

    I also had massive hemorrhoids after delivery too – SO unpleasant!!!
    Ann recently posted…Old Timey WordsMy Profile

    • Hi Ann,
      Ah, it’s the small luxuries that make a difference. I hope you win! A winner is selected each week! So sorry to hear about the hemorrhoids; I can’t believe that I know how to spell that word after suffering twice from them!

  3. ryan@fargei

    This sounds like a great promotion. I totally agree with the author, most fancy places always have problems with toilet paper. Everyone should make sure to use a right toilet paper with no fragrance, no color, with cotton, because toilet paper is the responsible of a lot of problems, it’s even related to constipation, because of all the chemical products. Great promotion lets see what’s going to happen, best of all luck to all.
    ryan recently posted…Hemorrhoids and Common SenseMy Profile

  4. radiobuff

    Seriously? We should double wipe with infant products? Unbelievable. Good marketing but unbelievable to trick you all into naming what you don’t currently need…

    • Hi Radiobuff,
      The wipes are great for kids when they are potty training but have trouble wiping themselves thoroughly after pooing. I find that if they don’t use wipes, then we need to wet the toilet paper to get them clean since their bottoms can be quite sensitive and wiping with just toilet paper can be abrasive. So, no, you don’t need to double wipe but it’s a nice option!

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