4th Grade Science Study Guides: Weather, Rocks & Minerals, Moon Phases

4th Grade Science Study Guides

I have a beef with elementary school Common Core science. THIS IS NOT SCIENCE. This is memorization. Science is supposed to be about asking questions, testing, and forming conclusions. That is the way science works in the real world.

And yet, the Common Core insists that science is memorizing things that have already been discovered, as if it were irrefutable, and all the questions have been asked and answered. No wonder my girls think that science is boring.

Still, there are tests to be taken both standardized and for their teacher. I found that my kids learn quite differently. One likes the material to be presented in a visual way. The other needs a deeper conceptual understanding to master the material.

I still have one child to go so I created study guides for their tests. I researched and found well done videos. Some were cool experiments that my kids will love AND it will help them solidify a concept. Air pressure and heat? Think of that hot air balloon experiment. Other videos tied concepts together.

I also isolated the concepts my kids found confusing like cleavage versus fracture of rocks. Or erosion versus weathering. And don’t even get me started on the complex relationships of heat, air pressure, moisture and wind for the weather unit. By putting these concepts side by side, it’s easier to figure out what the similarities and differences are.

There were also some great infographic charts which I poached. Also, some do-at-home projects. Also poached those. I did credit them back.

When my son hits fourth grade, I plan to steer him to each post and have him watch and read it daily for a week to prep for his test. If your child is really into science, it also might just a fun thing to explore. If you are the type that wants your child to review for the MCAS or your state’s standardized test, it’s the Common Core material so it’s an easy way to review.

I hope this is helpful for you and your child!

Phases of the Moon Study Guide for 4th Grade

Rocks and Minerals Study Guide for 4th Grade

Science of Weather Study Guide for 5th Grade

I am about to post a guide on 4th Grade Light, Energy and Sound as well.

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Ann

    I think it is great you take such an active role in your children’s actual education! Science can be so fun! I really love this phases visual.
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    • To Ann,
      It’s actually a lazy way to prepare my kids for the test. I just need to do this once but since I have three kids, the other two can just sit and read the post and watch the videos. But I am happy to share!

  2. cmichaelsny

    Your such a great to achieve this kind of idea..Its a great experience to study science..
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