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Pinterest Party! Here’s Your Invite!

Join the Pinterest Party

Usually, I am late to the party. Not an actual party because my husband and I are freakishly on time, but a social media new technology party. Yep, I’m not an early adopter.

Pinterest caught my eye while hosting a Twitter party for the Million Moms Challenge to help women in developing countries deliver babies safely and get access to medical care. I was intrigued so I applied to join. There was, apparently, a wait list, but I was in the next day.

It took me several more weeks to figure out how this all worked and let me describe it in a few words: Visual (Think Image!) + Facebook + Twitter = Pinterest. Social media circles to share images linked back to original sources such as blogs, web articles, or websites. Especially good for anything visual: recipes, clothes, photographs.

Then, like my mind was being read, this dropped into my email box:

A Guide To Pinterest And Moms from MediaPost Publications

Last week, some colleagues and I were discussing the research released about Pinterest and its staggering impact on retailers: Pinterest – which technically is still in closed, invitation-only beta — drives more sales to retailers than YouTube, Google + and LinkedIn combined and is nearly equal to Twitter’s referral traffic.

Pinterest’s growth has been incredible – with over 7 million unique visitors per month, consumers and brands are flocking to the virtual pin board to establish yet another touchpoint.

What’s so hot about the latest social media darling?

Pinterest has become one of the most popular social media sites for shoppers to visit before heading to a retailer’s website – and referral traffic to retailers rose 389% over six months.

Retailers aren’t the only ones feeling the Pinterest love. Blogs are also seeing a huge lift in traffic. Pinterest is “reinvigorating the blog,” said Alexis Zimbalist, VP and Social Media Specialist at SkuLoop, which offers a series of webinars for brands and retailers about effective social media strategies.  Zimbalist used the example of a mom blog that has received over 700,000 views for a recipe that became popular on Pinterest – the recipe garnered 77 Pins and had 0 Facebook Likes and only 5 Google + recommendations.

How moms are using Pinterest:

Women currently dominate Pinterest making up nearly 70% of their active users. Moms are using Pinterest in a variety of ways to organize and learn more about their interests. They follow experts to be in the know about trends on a variety of topics from parenting, to fashion and design, to cooking. They’re also following friends and finding Pinners with similar interests to share and be inspired by.

They’re also following brands. Retailers like Nordstrom and West Elm have significant followings on Pinterest – similar to on Facebook, moms want to connect and interact with their favorite brands.

I really like Pinterest. Join the party! You can start by clicking here and following me and I’ll follow you back.

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Here are some things I’ve found on Pinterest:

Odilon Redon Pinterest Artist Jenny Brown Pragmatic Mom

My friend, the artist Jenny Brown, shared a gorgeous painting of her favorite artist Odilon Redon.

St Patrick's Day Crafts Imagination Soup Pinterest PragmaticMom

A blogger I really admire, Melissa Taylor of Imagination Soup, share via a “re-pin” from blogger  Tasha Christensen, whose blog is Dollar Store Crafts. This is especially great for me because I am not good at crafts!

And don’t even get me started on recipes! It’s worth it to join (and it’s FREE!) just for the food porn!

I hope to see you on Pinterest! Follow me and I’ll follow you back! It’s another great way for us to share!

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. I can’t get enough of all things Pinterest. If I could be on that site all day, every day, I would.
    Craftwhack recently posted…I’ll Talk About the WeatherMy Profile

    • To Craftwhack,
      I am the same. Pinterest is strangely addicting and it makes you feel like you are being productive. Did you see one of the funny cards: “Honey, can you go please buy a pizza for dinner? I’m too busy pinning delicious, healthy dinner ideas.”

  2. Ann

    Reply to Craftwhack – funny!

    Really good article!!! Interesting & useful info!!!

    I enjoy randomly finding things I like on Pinterest and I find it really interesting what gets re-pinned. It’s not always what you think will!

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