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More Multiplication Tricks: Strategies from Kids and Teacher That Work!

Easy Strategies to Learn Multiplication Facts

I was in my middle daughter’s 3rd grade classroom today as the guest reader when I found this gem on the white board.  My daughter chose Danny, the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl so I read the first few chapters to the class which has  the story of The B.F.G. (Big Friendly Giant) snuck in.  The B.F.G. is another book by Roald Dahl that kids seem to consistently rave about and many of the kids in her class had already read it and nodded their heads happily when I asked them if they liked it.  I was able to tell them about Roald Dahl Day in England — September 13, his birthday — and her teacher is planning an author study this Spring which will make my daughter very happy because she is chugging along through all his books.

My daughter said that her class came up with a list of strategies to learn multiplication.  In fact, her friend Helena came up with the x8 trick.  Learning math facts seems to work best when it gets presented different ways;  this is the logical reasoning method.  The post I refer to throughout on Tips and Tricks uses songs; another great way to go.  We do flashcards and mnemonic as well.  The only one I know is 8 x 8:  I ate and I ate ’til I threw up on the floor, so 8 times 8 is 64!  It works so well that my youngest knew 8 x 8 at age 3 but just that one because he finds gross humor particularly funny.  If you have any other tricks or tips, please share!

p.s.  I have another post here on Tips and Tricks to Master Multiplication and Division Math Facts that uses skip counting songs, and shows the times 9 hand trick.

Multiplication Tricks

x 1:  it’s just the number itself.  10 x 1 = 10

x 0:  it’s always zero.  This is the only multiplier that always has the same answer.  anything x 0= 0

x 10:  just add a zero to the number.  2 x 10 = 20

x 2:  double the number.  4 x 2=8 (i.e. 4 + 4= 8)

x 5:  count by 5’s.  The answer always ends in either 5 or 0.  5 x 5= 25

x 9: hand trick.

x 3:  count by 3’s

x 4:  double, double

x 8:  double double double


for x 6 and x 7, use the skip counting songs.


If you were interested in the Roald Dahl books, here they are.  You can examine more closely at Amazon by clicking on image of book.

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Ann

    love the 8 trick – seems obvious but never thought of it!!!

    We have a book called “Times Tables The Fun Way” by Judy Liautaud and Dave Rodriguez . It is for visual learners. Each equation has a story and picture. Good for some of them that are really hard to remember.
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  2. Calculator is faster though!
    shiela recently posted…skin cancerMy Profile

    • To Shiela,
      Yes! Sometimes the kids play race against the calculator and they try to beat a kid who does the math facts by calculator! Some kids can actually beat the calculator!

  3. ali

    You should check out Math Phonics
    great strategies for teach multiplication

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