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I first read about this from CraftWhack who got it from Two Adults, One Brown Baby. Then, Doodles and Jots did it, and she says she got the idea from  Mrs. Irritation,  Saly, as well as the aforementioned CraftWhack and Two Adults, One Brown Baby. So I am joining this bandwagon! Learn more about me by reading my ABCs.

p.s. For anyone looking for ABC ideas to teach their kids the letters of the alphabet, I collect ideas here on my Pinterest Board Alphabet Fun.

p.p.s. I have a post on learning to read including a magnetic alphabet fishing game. I swear by this game to teach the alphabet to kids! I also have a list of our favorite ABC alphabet books.

A. Age: Just turned 47. The thing is that I actually thought I was 47 last year, so I feel like I’m getting a freebie.

B.  Bed: King. My husband convinced me that our blanket was ratty and our down comforter had lost it’s heft. Now, we have new ones and we’re soooo happy!

C. Cat: Nope, my husband is very allergic to cats.

D. Dog: We have a golden retriever because we promised when the youngest turned 5, we’d get a family dog. Our kids called us out on it!

E. Exercise: Vinyasa yoga with my friend Bea, Zumba and Kickboxing with my girls. And lots of walks with my dog.

F. Favorite Color: I say red but I try to dress in mostly in black, at least, until I got a goldie dog. Now I dress in grey because it hides his hair.

G. Golf: My husband was a touring pro when we were first married. I learned to play golf so that I would be able to see him on weekends.

H. Height: barely 5′. Actually, 4′ 11.5″. Yes, that last half-inch is important to me!

I. Instruments that you play: I played the violin (poorly) a long time ago.

J. Job Title: I like to live in a world of ambiguity. Sometimes I say I’m the co-founder of Aquent, the recruiter at litl, a professional mom, and/or a blogger. I am all these things, but I am a mom first.I have the grey hair to prove it!

K. Kids: I have three: two girls ages 12 and almost 10, and one boy age 7.

L. Lounge Wear: I try my darndest to live most of my life in lounge wear posing as street clothes/pjs. My family hates that.

M. Multi-Racial. I’m half Japanese and half Chinese and then I went and married a Korean! We describe our kids as a “mixed-plate.” That’s Hawaiian slang for mutt.

N. Nickname: Mi the Flea was the nickname I got in Junior High School for not being able to sit still. Probably also for being annoying and small.

O. Overnight Hospital Stays: I’ve had a few. Freak bacterial lump in business school made me drop out for a quarter with 11 days in the hospital. 3 stays for each child’s birth, and an overnight when my son stood on a yoga ball and broke his arm in three places near growth plates requiring pins and an overnight stay.

P. Paint: In a previous life, I like to paint in watercolor. That is to say, pre-kids. One day I plan to get back into it. For now, my art supplies have been commandeered by my oldest. She’s a true artist.

Q. Quote: “Never be afraid to try something new. Remember that a lone amateur built the Ark. A large group of professionals built the Titanic.” ― Dave Barry

R. Right or Left handed: Right.

S. Soccer Mom: Saturdays are taken up with soccer, soccer, soccer. One game for each child, usually with overlapping times in cities at least one hour away. Note that C is also for Carpool, without which, I could not survive.

T. Three. Everyone in our family has three-letter first names. Each name consists of two vowels and one consonant.

U. Underwear. Cotton underwear. Not quite granny but close.

V. Vegetables You Hate: peas!

W. What Makes You Run Late: We are freakishly on time. I’m that way and luckily so is my husband, so we nag and nag our kids such that they are able to go from dead asleep in bed to car (or school bus)  in 10 minutes if they have to.

X. X-Rays You’ve Had: teeth and chest for that bacterial clot thing.

Y. Yummy Food That You Make: I am easily bored with what we cook so we try to cook seasonally. Right now, everyone likes stew from Cook’s Illustrated, a tamarind, pork and vegetable soup, and my lemon risotto from Nigella Lawson.

Z. Zoo Animal: Elephants.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Ann

    Cool! Glad you did one too and like how you customized the template. Like 3 letter names too! Wanted Asa for my son but my husband didn’t like. Like lounge wear. And wondering if you have ever posted your art? Would love to see!

    Reading(and chickens) did one too, btw.
    Ann recently posted…Hovering Hawk CraftMy Profile

    • To Ann,
      Thanks for the inspiration! Oh, I didn’t realize that you were supposed to stick to the template. Oops! Asa … that’s a good one and one we never came up with. I haven’t done art in a while so haven’t posted. The only thing I did was draw my header but I am really more of a watercolorist. I need to take a class and wait until there is more time. Thanks so much for asking!

  2. Love this idea and all the variations looking at the linked projects of others. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  3. “I like to live in a world of ambiguity.” LOVE that! I didn’t realize how fun it was going to be to read these posts and be able to delve into my bloggy friends a little deeper!
    Craftwhack recently posted…Apps and Hair StylesMy Profile

    • To Craftwhack,
      Thanks for the inspiration! Yours was fun to read! Sorry about that broken link. I fixed it. The weird thing was that the actual link was correct but the trackback got cut off. I had no idea that the trackback affected the link?! So technical this blogging stuff!

  4. NOOOooooooooo! The Craftwhack link doesn’t work!
    Craftwhack recently posted…Apps and Hair StylesMy Profile

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