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Math Facts Games for Kids

Math Games That Are Really Fun

Mid-year progress reports came out at my elementary school and all of a sudden, we realized that our kids need extra practice with math facts! Several of my Mom Friends emailed me so I thought I would share our plan of attack. The first thing to do is not to panic. Math facts are like practicing a sport or learning an instrument. Slow and steady wins the race. And, just like for your child’s sports or instrument, you don’t want to burn them it. THIS MUST BE FUN!

Clearly, some sneakiness is in order. My strategy is to do two things:

1) Isolate the fact patterns that need reinforcement. Chances are that there is just a few fact families that your child learned the least well that needs practice. I think the best way to figure this out is to use flash cards. Make your own or buy a set of flash cards. Then play this game

Put all the cards in a box. Have your child draw one card. Does s/he know the answer? Keep the ones that s/he does, and put the rest aside. Play that game for a few days to isolate which math facts need reinforcement and then … LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Here are two versatile and portable games recommended by kids. The first is a card game invented by a kid, the second is a dice game that’s easy to carry around.

I think it’s important to change up the games to keep things fresh and exciting. Rotate as you please between web math games (I have free ones listed on my blog home page footer), iPhone/iPad math apps, flash cards, and just plain old fashioned drilling.

1) FREE games on my footer PragmaticMom.com
Multiplication Race Car Game Against Others

Tug Team Multiplication: Tug of War Against Others

Meteor Multiplication: Shoot the Meteors

Island Chase Subtraction: Race Others

Add, Subtract, Multiply or Divide Facts Game Against Clock

These are all good games and free. The last one is just a worksheet but kids will do it.

I would have your child play a game every day (4 days a week) for 5 minutes. I’d allocate 15 minutes because it’s addicting.

2) Really Fun  iPhone iPad math fact apps

I would go with a few of the really fun games.

Math Ninja
Match Up Math
Pop Math Lite
Math Girl Addition House
Math A+

Just buy one app and let her play while you are waiting around (for a pick up, restaurant, etc.). When she seems sick of the app, buy the next. One app should last a month or so.

3) More math apps

More fun math apps. I haven’t played on these but these are really good too.
You can also have your child read both posts and choose the apps she wants to play with.

4) Math Board Games

If the idea of math games is taking off, you might like these board games too!

Money Bags


Totally Tut Math Operations Game

Good luck and please let me know if you are having success with this plan. If not, let me know and let’s try something else!

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Nice list of options. I love to practice on the go with the kids (seems like so many of us are in the car so much 🙂

    I would also suggest real-life examples for math facts so kids can get an idea of how math is used every day. Things like, “If we’re going out for pizza, and each of us in the family of 4 wants 3 slices, how many total slices do we need to order?”.

    We’ve also used the Schoolhouse Rock Multiplication video as my daughter loves to sing things and it helps her learn more quickly.

    You’re right – the best approach is short, frequent practice.
    Jacquie F. recently posted…Fun with the Borrowers & ArriettyMy Profile

  2. Dads Do Good

    very nice compilation
    Dads Do Good recently posted…Math Is Fun Event RoundupMy Profile

  3. Thank you, thank you. I’ve been meaning to come back to this post and explore some of your recommendations. My poor kid will be floating in math soon.
    Craftwhack recently posted…How to Transcend Your Stupid Life Through MeditationMy Profile

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