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Yoga for Kids

DIY Yoga for Kids to Try at Home

I met Bea more than ten years ago when both of our oldest children were at the same preschool. Our girls weren’t even in the same class but we both had sleeping toddler girls in strollers that first painful week when we were required to wait for hours on a different floor just in case our preschoolers freaked out. At least, that is my version of the school policy.

It turns out that we both nursed our kids well beyond the first year and I found Bea to be a friendly and welcoming mom in the midst of total strangers. It was also Bea who introduced me and my entire brood including my husband to yoga after she became certified. Quid pro quo, I introduced her to blogging!

When I spoke to her about yoga poses for kids, she immediately mentioned Yoga Pretzels, a great oversized deck of cards. Turns out that I had a set of these from the nice folks at Barefoot Books. My youngest likes to use these cards when he wants to “learn” yoga. My oldest actually hates doing yoga; she has very tight hamstrings and has to do yoga to keep from being injured. And my middle daughter has crashed my yoga class as the only child practitioner in her class. After years of gymnastics, she’s really flexible and can do the entire Vinyasa flow. She says it makes her feel calm which is a good thing.

My kids’ idea of yoga is before-bedtime-on-the-bed-goofing around using these cards like one might play Twister. They have a tendency just to pick a card, any card, and do the pose. I have an ulterior motive; I want them to stretch out to maintain their flexibility (or, in my daughter’s case, increase it) to prevent injury from the other high impact sports they play.

Bea put together a brief sequence that uses a fraction of the Yoga Pretzels cards. Here’s the images for the pose but the back of each card gives detailed instructions of how to get into the pose, and I highly recommend getting Yoga Pretzels!

  • down dog
  • cobra
down dog cobra best yoga poses for kids kid child children yoga pretzels flashcards PragmaticMom
  • cat
  • rock
cat cow tilt rock best yoga poses for kids kid children PragmaticMom pragmatic mom
  • gorilla
  • mountain
gorilla mountain best yoga poses fun yoga for kids kid child children PragmaticMom Hola Yoga Bea Abascal Newton
  • airplane
  • lying twist
best fun yoga poses for kids children PragmaticMom with Bea Abascal Hola Yoga Pragmatic Mom Yoga Pretzels Barefoot Books Cambridge Newton
  • bridge
  • all is well
bridge all is well best yoga poses for kids children fun yoga why yoga is great for kids Pragmatic Mom PragmaticMom

And All is Well indeed!
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yoga for kids, free yoga sequence for kids

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. OMGoodness!
    I have to have them!!
    They look brilliant!
    The Monkey Adventures recently posted…Reasons to be CheerfulMy Profile

  2. Ann

    My daughter would love this set! My kids did yoga in preschool last year and they really enjoy it! They also sometimes do the yoga for kids ondemand.

    Thanks for the sequence and I am highly considering this set!

    • To Ann,
      I’m glad you liked it. My yoga instructor swears by these yoga cards and she has two kids who like them too. I trust her judgement, we’ve been friends since our oldest kids started preschool.

  3. Pam

    Wow! what a plethora of resources this site is!
    Pam recently posted…SQUASHING "FEARS"My Profile

  4. Okay, I’m going to have to get these, too. They are wonderful! My daughter loved doing yoga videos when she was younger, and I think she’ll have fun with these, and the 2 yo will just copy whatever she’s doing. Yay.
    Craftwhack recently posted…I Heart YouMy Profile

  5. Mark

    Kids are always enthusiastic about new stuffs. Letting them know they’d be joining you in exercise routines would be new to them.

    • Hi Mark,
      I agree. Kids think yoga poses are fun! They get silly with the cards which makes it fun. It’s actually great for my oldest who has tight hamstrings too.

  6. Catherine Mellon

    These cards are so exciting to me… as a practitioner, a mother, a daycare owner, a marketer…. on all levels. They should be a shower gift!

    Thanks for sharing….


  7. where can I buy these cards, please..

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