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Science Projects for Middle School Kids

Science Projects for Kids

My Dad Friend had previously suggested The Birds and Bees Sex Talk which was very popular  so I have been hounding him for other topic suggestions since he seems to have his pulse on parenting issues.  He was stressed out about his kids’ science projects for school. His 6th grader just had a Science Fair Day where everyone exhibited their school science projects and I bugged him so much he actually blackberried me the projects he saw as he walked around the room.

And here they are, plus a few more that I added.  And might I add that there are a lot of Science Project for kids’ websites out there in cyberspace. Apparently, this is a rite of passage that everyone is keen to cash in on.  So, I am suggesting science project ideas that do not require major purchases in the form of a kit!  I also have added a few websites with great science project ideas laid out in a very accessible way.

Which paper towel absorbs the most liquid?

What type of fabric best resists stains?

What is the impact of relaxing music on test taking (simple math problems given to groups of kids)

Which material is the best thermal insulator?

Measure speed of fruit rot in a container or not in container

Impact of butter versus  margarine on taste of baked products

Duration of burning by different types of paper

Fabrics – which burns fastest?

Kinds of wood – which burns fastest?

Which eggs float?  (raw, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, rotten eggs)

Shadow tracing during different times of the day

What attracts the most insect pests  (mosquitos, flies, gnats with sweat, sweet-smelling plants, light or dark clothing)

How do different style pencils or grips affect writing fatigue?

Here’s one I found online at:

Take the hockey-puck-on-a-rod test a Michigan high school kid cobbled together to help figure out if a knock on the head has caused a concussion. Sports medicine specialists are increasingly worried about the long-term implications of mild, repeated head trauma.

The test is the idea of Ian Richardson. The teenager devised it as a quick and simple way to test reaction time for a science fair project.

Richardson’s device looks like something out of a 19th-century medical text. It’s a hockey puck, with a long rod embedded in the middle. The stick is marked off in centimeter increments.

Turns out Ian Richardson’s father, James, is on the faculty of the University of Michigan Medical School. He thought Ian’s idea might be a pretty cool on-the-spot way to screen for concussions among athletes.

It works like this: Tester suspends the device while injured athlete sits with forearm on table, fingers loosely circling the stick. Without warning, tester drops stick. Athlete grabs stick as fast as possible. Place where athlete grabs gives an instant readout of reaction time.

It all happens in milliseconds–too fast to measure with a stopwatch. In a pilot study of the test, athletes with concussions had reaction times that were 15 percent slower.

What plants are edible in your backyard?;

Could you survive on just what grows in your neighborhood?;

Paper airplane science:

Which type of food molds the fastest in the same place: bananas, milk, bread or cheese?

What effect does music have on plant growth?

I thought these  websites were useful:

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Donna Guthrie

    Science Fairs! Take a look at this website called MEET ME AT THE CORNER, Virtual Field Trips for Kids
    ( It is a great site of educational free kid-friendly video podcasts. Each episode comes with links to fun websites about the topic and a Learning Corner of questions and extended activities.

    This week it is a visit to the Thomas Edison Museum to meet Patrick Garner who portrays Edison and talks about America’s favorite inventor.

  2. marina

    why thanks so much know i can use some of these ideas for my project you rock

  3. physician assistant

    What a great resource!

  4. Ann

    Great project ideas! The concussion test, edible backyard plants, and ones from you friend writing fatigue, music and tests, paper towels, shadows, all sound great! I always wanted to participate in a science fair but we never had one at the schools I went to : (

    • To Ann,
      Me neither! But I guess parents of kids who have to do science projects are stressed out trying to help them with ideas. I had searched the web for ideas, and there are lots of stuff out there trying to sell you kits of projects that were not that great. I can see how this is stressful!

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