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Trade-First Subtraction App to Learn Carry Subtraction!

Carry Subtraction App Teaches Like a Tutor

I don’t personally know Esa Helttula, the creator of  Trade-First Subtraction and other great educational iPhone and iPad math apps, but I could kiss him!  He really gets what kids need help with in elementary school math.  The tricky things.  The things you must slow down and think about.  He must have been or currently is a teacher of some sort.  Clearly a kick-ass one!  I wish I had him teaching my kids math!

But now you can, just by using his wonderful apps for iPhone/iPad/iPod.  This one is a mere $1.99 (usually $3.99 but on sale today and tomorrow) and if your child will use it, you won’t find yourself saying, over and over, “Are you sure you can takeaway 9 from 3? Check your work, dear.”

Is it me, or are you also excited that there is actually a question that asks:  Do You Need To Borrow?!!!

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Is it me, or are you also excited that he labels the place value of each digit?

Is it me, or are you also excited that he has the child type in the answer rather than guess from multiple choice options?

Ok, maybe it’s just me, but this is exactly the app we needed a few years ago for my oldest who was a little spacey about carry subtraction and often forgot ask herself if this is a borrowing situation.  This is a great app, and well worth $3.99 though it is very specific to one math concept, albeit a tricky one!  Buy it today or tomorrow to get the 50% discount!

p.s.  I reviewed another great educational iPhone and iPad math app by Esa, Long Division, here.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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