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Plan Family Activities with Car Insurance Savings

Save Money on Car Insurance and Reward Your Family

When buying a new car, finding affordable car insurance isn’t always a priority. Drivers often get caught up in the excitement of a new vehicle, not realizing that comparing several automobile insurance quotes can save just as much money over time as comparing several vehicle quotes before choosing the best price. Shopping around for car insurance when buying a new car can free up money every month to be spent on other vehicle expenses or fun family activities. Here are just a few ways to take advantage of the money you save after shopping around for car insurance.

Road trip: Take your family on a weekend getaway to a local attraction or campground. If you’re looking for road trip destination ideas, check the tourism website for your state. You can find information on state parks, museums and other points of interest. Road trips are easy to plan and relatively inexpensive. They’re a great way to get the family out of the house for a while, and explore the area near where you live.

Roof or bike rack: If your family is the outdoorsy type, you may want to use your car insurance savings on a roof rack or bike rack for the car. Depending on the type of rack you buy, you’ll be able to haul equipment such as kayaks, canoes, skis and snowboards. Bike racks, which fit either on the trunk or on the roof of a car, allow you to take the family bikes to a nearby park or biking trail. These inexpensive devices open up a world of outdoor family activities to enjoy.

Car entertainment: If your family spends a lot of time in the car, you may want to look into a few media upgrades. If you listen to music on road trips, the vehicle’s factory speakers and stereo system may not provide the best experience. Investing in a stereo upgrade can make a considerable difference for the audiophile in the family. Traveling with small children can be a challenge, but portable DVD players provide a welcome distraction for kids when they get antsy.

Car repairs: Sometimes it’s best to spend your savings on something practical. If there’s a car repair that you’ve been putting off, now may be the time to take care of it. When left unchecked, many car problems can cause further damage to your vehicle, resulting in repair costs exceeding the price of the initial repair. Whether you need a replacement clutch or new suspension system, using the money you saved on car insurance to fix your vehicle can save you and your family a headache later on.

By Dale Cooper


By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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