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Gift Ideas for Children with Autism

Best Gifts for Kids with Autism

With autism affecting one in 110 children, more and more families are facing the question of what presents to buy and what holiday activities to plan for children with autism, who are often sensitive to over stimulation. MyAutismTeam, the recently launched social network for parents of children with autism, asked their nearly 14,000 parent members for their recommendations. 

Here’s what they had to say:

Top Gifts for Children with Autism

1.       iPad (There are so many great apps for children with special needs)

2.       Legos

3.       Sensory toys like plushies, sonic toys, etc.

4.       Gift cards

5.       Video games


Top Holiday Activities for Children with Autism

1.       Look at holiday lights

2.       Go to the movies

3.       Bake together

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. DadsDoGood

    I would add ROSE COTTAGE DOLL HOUSE. It’s a beautiful wooden toy house with dolls etc. and very nice for pretend play.

  2. Thanks for the resources! I am always in need for my patients and friends who have children with autism or autism spectrum disorder.

    Sounds like a good list for all kids as the overstimulation is not great for any child!

    Best in the New Year!

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