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My Top 5 Most Popular Multicultural Posts of 2011

Multicultural Books and Activities for Kids

My Teach Me Tuesday Multi-Cultural series is a labor of love for me. It is titled Teach Me Tuesday because it teaches me about different countries, culture and KidLit and I actually thought it didn’t get may page views because it usually gets just a handful the week that it’s posted. I was really surprised to see that these posts do get read during the year so I will continue to do this series. Thanks so much for reading!


5.Teach Me Tuesday: Burma (Myanmar) Children’s lit, recipes, history and more… 536

4. Teach Me Tuesday: The Culture of Bangladesh with Alpanas, Jewelry, Recipe and More! 1,001

3. Teach Me Tuesday: Japan (Shogunate KidLit, Crests, Block Prints) UPDATED w/Book GIVEAWAY 1,010

2. Teach Me Tuesday: Sri Lanka (children’s books, easy recipe, interior design) UPDATED 1,017

1. Teach Me Tuesday: Celebrities in Togas, Roman vs. Greek Gods, The Lost Hero, and more… 1,175

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Ann

    I like “teach me” posts too!!! You have some unusual cultures represented here – going to check out a couple – thanks!

  2. Love your Teach Me Tuesday posts! Please keep them coming! : )

  3. Saw your tweet, and I just shared the post on our facebook page:)- love the diverse representation, and happy that other people enjoy learning about different countries! I can’t wait to see which of these titles my library has….

  4. Yay! You’re taking requests!! Hmm… Have you written a post on Portugal? Lately, my 5yo has been fascinated with all things Portuguese – so we’d love to see what treasures you find there. Also, I’d love to read about an exploration of Polynesian culture. Thanks!

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