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Thank you to all my readers! I really appreciate you coming to my blog. Please let me know what topics are of interest to you and I will post on them. I also love getting requests for book recommendations. Just email me with your child’s age, interests and favorite authors and books and I’d be happy to research a personal list for you and post on it! I was excited to triple my page views this past year to over 300,000 — my second full year of blogging. Thank you again!

I have to say that the Top 10 posts by page views are always somewhat surprising to me. Who knew that Things Dogs Eat that Will Them would be so popular?

The earthquake post gets lots of hits whenever there is a big earthquake.

Best Books for Boy Readers, Reluctant or Otherwise is a post that is dear to my heart. It started off with trying to find books for a friend’s son. The list got so long that I broke it into 3 posts to keep it from crashing.

How To: Really Love a Child by Sark continues to get lots of hits. I do love to re-read it and it inspires me to be more patient, in the moment, and in short, a better mother. Maybe it speaks to you that way too.

The corned beef recall is a funny– it’s popular because all the prisons are using it to check their inventory. Seriously, no joke!

Top 10 Book Lists continue to be popular and I have a slew of them planned for next year.

Thank you all again! And Happy New Year’s to you and yours!


10. East Coast Earthquake … As Learning Opportunity with a Round Up of Educational Kid Friendly Links 2,569

9. Top 100: Best Young Adult (YA) Fiction & Non-Fiction Books 2,624

8. Top 10: Best Beginning Chapter Book Series (ages 6-9) UPDATED4 2,797

7. Best Books for Boy Readers, Reluctant or Otherwise (ages 7-14) UPDATED 3,167

6. Best Picture Books That Teach Math Concepts- UPDATED3 3,567

5. How To: Really Love a Child (poem) by SARK 3,629

4. RECALL: Corned Beef (Libby, Kroger), Brushy Creek Shredded Beef & Roast Beef 3,872

3. Top 10: Best Interior Design Books (From CasaCullen & DesignTrackMind) 4,248

2. Things Dogs Eat That Will Kill Them: Raisins, onions, etc…  4,978

1. Top 6 iPhone/iPad: Math Apps for Kids (from Updated  7,145


By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


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    Thanks Pragmatic Mom for sharing your most popular posts – very interesting!!! & Thank you for your kind generosity and for being such a big inspiration to me!!!

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