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Gift Ideas for Children with Autism

Best Gifts for Kids with Autism

With autism affecting one in 110 children, more and more families are facing the question of what presents to buy and what holiday activities to plan for children with autism, who are often sensitive to over stimulation. MyAutismTeam, the recently launched social network for parents of children with autism, asked their nearly 14,000 parent members for their recommendations.  Read more…

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Soccer Without Borders: Help Girls in Third World Countries Play Soccer

Help Girls in 3rd World Countries Play Soccer

Soccer without Borders is an organization that Senior Boston College soccer player, Julia Bouchelle,  has introduced to our family.  Julia’s sister, Zoey Bouchelle, is  an All-American soccer player at Penn State and spent an eight month internship helping girls through Soccer Without Borders  video (attached). Read more…

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Your $2.50 Donation Puts a Book into the Hands of a Needy Child!

Donate Books to Kids Without Any

Mom Friend Ginny sent me this. It’s so easy to donate a book to a needy child through First Book.  Every $2.50 donated puts a book into the hands of a child in need! And this is an amount that a child can come up with if you are thinking of ways you and your child can make a meaningful donation. Read more…

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Top 25: Best iPad Apps for Applying to College

Best Apps for Applying to College

This great list of the best iPad apps for college applicants. It can help with the process for including searching for a college, taking the SAT or ACT, and applying for financial aid is now at your fingertips. Thank you to for finding the best apps for college! Read more…

Hugo, Hugo Cabret

The Movie and Book: The Invention of Hugo Cabret!

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

I am so excited to see the movie. I hear that it’s great! A factoid that I just learned: Brian Selznick is the grandson of Hollywood film producer David O. Selznick. Director Martin Scorsese knew about this relationship and it piqued his interest even more in the Caldecott award-winning book. I have to say that I thought his illustrations were amazing and reminiscent of  the sketches of scenes blocked out by old-time directors like Alfred Hitchcock. Do you think there is a real cinematic quality to the way he sequences the illustrations? And what did you think of the movie? Read more…

12 Days of Shopping: Custom Labels for Presents Because You Are All Done! (Day 12)

Creating Custom Labels for Gift Baskets or Gift Bags

I am a big fan of the Avery label 5164, 3 1/3 inches by 4 inches, or six to a page.  Yes, it sounds weird to be a fan of a mailing label but these are exceptionally useful for: Read more…

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12 Days of Shopping: Quick Gifts Whole Foods/Foodie Stores (Day 11)

Gifts on the Run for Foodies

Capability:Mom and I are on the home stretch here both for our 12 Days of Shopping posts and for our own holiday shopping.  This post lands very close to Christmas and is meant to help you out if you need to dash to the store for one more present whether it’s a quick return gift from someone who unexpectedly gave you a gift or someone you accidentally left off your list.  Or maybe you are so efficient that you can do all your shopping in one fell swoop! Read more…

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12 Days of Shopping: Cat/Dog (Day 10)

Gifts for Dogs and Cats

I thought that the cat post would be hard to do as I have a dog now but I grew up with cats.  I told the dog breeder while we were being “interviewed” that I grew up with cats but my husband had a dog.   She asked what breed of cat.  “Siamese,” I told her.  She laughed because apparently Siamese cats are the most dog-like of cats.  So I did end up with a puppy which worked out because my husband is very allergic to cats.  Still, I have a fondness for cats so I was happy to investigate cat toys. Read more…

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12 Days of Shopping: Husband/Wife (Day 9)

Gifts for Husbands and Wives

My husband is not an easy guy to shop for, as are most husbands.  They are closet about that; they seem easy to shop for because they are happy and grateful for whatever present they unwrap but the tell-tale signs … the sweaters sit in their closet never worn.  They ask, several years later, a tad embarrassed, if they can donate those never worn sweaters when they are cleaning out their closet.   Read more…