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A Gift for Management Types. Management Tips: From Harvard Business Review

Stocking Stuffer for Parents in Management

This vibrant orange book is the size of a small notepad but it consists of 50 one page tips for managers, broken into three sections: managing yourself, managing your team, and managing your business. My Dad Friend Josh gave me my copy and I think he’s the brains behind this little-just-begging-to-be-a-stocking-stuffer fun, little book.

hbs tips, management tips, harvard business school reviewManagement Tips: From Harvard Business Review by Harvard Business Review

This is the type of book that sits near the cash register at Barnes and Nobles and says, “Buy me impulsively, please! You know I’d be perfect for your Uncle Fill-in-the-Blank or Cousin Graduating from Business School. Oh, how about your Mom Friend with the Corporate Job?”

I actually think this is a business book screaming to be one of those little yoga meditation books of quotes and helpful suggestions. You know what I mean, right?

Here are some pages I really enjoyed (and agree with!):

#13 Fail Cheaply …”failure is important to innovation — how else do you learn?”

#33 Find Your Company’s Inner Self  “Sometimes the economy forces companies to take a hard look at what they do. Some will need to reinvent themselves to survive … Don’t (necessarily mess with the business model.

#36 Give Feedback to High Performers “Don’t assume your high performer knows how good she is.”

Each page goes on with specific gems of wisdom.

The design of the book is lovely and well laid out with a clean, minimalist feel.  I assume the cogs on the cover which carry over as the graphic on each page represent Yourself, Your Team and Your Business as each cog gets successively bigger and they all fit nicely together. There is also that ribbon bookmark in the binding of the book, just like a diary. I like that it’s a silver ribbon.

My question to reader is this: do you give this to a boss? Is that sending the wrong message, like you could really use some management tips? How about from the CEO to employees? Same message of shape up using this book, or you will be getting a pink slip?

I think it best to not test these theories out. I’d think it’s safer to give to family and friends. If it came from Santa, for example, it would be received with gratitude. From your boss … not so much! Please chime in! Maybe I am just being paranoid.

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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