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Your $2.50 Donation Puts a Book into the Hands of a Needy Child!

Donate Books to Kids Without Any

Mom Friend Ginny sent me this. It’s so easy to donate a book to a needy child through First Book.  Every $2.50 donated puts a book into the hands of a child in need! And this is an amount that a child can come up with if you are thinking of ways you and your child can make a meaningful donation.



By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Asianmommy

    I love this cause. I donate to First Book every year.

    • To Asian Mommy,
      You are a good egg to donate to First Book! I did it one year when a birthday party girl asked for donations to First Book instead of a gift. Then I forgot about it. But it’s so tangible: $2.50 is a book. I think I might match donations that my kids want to make. We are working on Save/Spend/Donate allocations all year. They might really like the idea of giving a book to a kid who has no books. Thanks for your comment! It made me really think about why I don’t do more.

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