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12 Days of Shopping: Husband/Wife (Day 9)

Gifts for Husbands and Wives

My husband is not an easy guy to shop for, as are most husbands.  They are closet about that; they seem easy to shop for because they are happy and grateful for whatever present they unwrap but the tell-tale signs … the sweaters sit in their closet never worn.  They ask, several years later, a tad embarrassed, if they can donate those never worn sweaters when they are cleaning out their closet.  

Other presents seem to just disappear magically, though you know for certain that they were not returned for a refund or a store credit! p.s.  Capability:Mom’s shopping list for herself and husband is here.


So as not to blow his surprise as he does read my blog, I am going to list the presents in the past that were surprise winners, plus the ones that accidentally were leaked out already.

Stanley Tape Measure Watch 12 days of shopping husband pragmaticmom.comMy husband is a handy guy, so this present is a half-joke but he will actually like it.  On sale for $44.

He’s very picky about watches, but here are few that I think he’d like:

tool belt, 12 days of shopping husband pragmaticmom.comI am not sure why but all [handy] men love tool belts.  $12.

Titleist golf balls 12 days of shopping husband My husband says that you find more Pro V golf balls lost than any other.  He is a +2 handicap and this is the ball he plays.  He actually plays the Pro V1 ball and you can even get them monogrammed through any golf shop but that is an idea for a later date as you have run out of time for this Christmas.

This Swiss Army knife is good for handy guys, but the classic is great for anyone. My husband constantly gets his confiscated at the airport so I know that this is a gift that I can buy annually.  $10. Great for the stocking! He is asking for a wide angle lens for his camera. I will check at the camera store first to make sure I get the right one.

Nikon Wide Angle Lens, $365

He does tend to lose his sunglasses. A back up pair is probably a good idea. Oakley, $72

Freddie Couples is wearing these new, cool golf shoes with tiny nubs. He likes the laid-back vibe. This is the new fad in golf. Ecco, $100-$160


And what do I want?  It’s amazing how blogging is some time consuming that you have no time to shop.  Capability:Mom‘s husband noticed the same thing.  Still, I managed to put together a list.

Verbenas of Provence Jo Malone 12 Days of Shopping Pragmatic MomJo Malone cologne Vetiver 12 days of shopping My middle child has a seriously sensitive nose so I took her to the Jo Malone counter for her input.  She could identify many of the top notes:  “Smells like vanilla, mommy.  I hate it.”  She rejected 85% of the two dozen bottles and narrowed it down to just three.  We ended up with Verbenas of Provence, light citrus-y and  Vetiver, slightly woodsy and floral.

The Jade Yoga mat is the best one I’ve tried.  It’s sticky so you don’t need the YogiToes towel that I normally need to keep from sliding.  It’s also cushy. My Yoga Mom friend is really tall and she bought the extra long one; even if you are not tall, the extra length is nice to stake out space in a crowded yoga room.  Is that an un-yogi like sentiment or a pragmatic one?  This one is $65 and 3/16″ thick; there is also 5/16” which is $90.

This yoga tote bag by Gaiam is pretty and functional.  At $20, it’s a nice add on to the yoga mat (not for me; I have a nice yoga bag from Mother’s Day a few years back) but just for anyone who is thinking yoga gifts.   As we get older, my husband and I find that we don’t really need or want that many “things” so we are asking for experiences instead.

High on the list: Husband: Personal Training and Golf Trip of a Lifetime in Scotland. Me: Private Kickboxing Lessons, yoga retreat with Mom Friends, and Family vacation to Venice before it sinks.

To examine any item more closely, please click on image.

The 12 Days of Shopping

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. I love your picks – especially those chunky cashmere sweaters! I may have to forward this post to my husband for extra emphasis! 🙂

  2. Very informative paragraphs. Thanks for taking the time to share your research and experience with all.

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