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Happy Thanksgiving with a Picture Book and Craft

Thanksgiving Picture Book and Craft

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! And my very favorite Thanksgiving Picture Book …

The Very First Thanksgiving Day by Rhonda Gowler Greene

This is a rhyming picture book about the very first Thanksgiving Day in Massachusetts. My favorite part is very subtle at the end: the two little girls — one a Wampanoag and the other an English settler — have traded dolls.


thanksgiving humor

I’m not a crafty person, but I found some great Thanksgiving crafts if you need to keep the kids busy at Danielle’s Place. It’s also great for the table!

Thanksgiving Napkin Holders

how to fold a turkey napkin
What you will need: 
Card stock (Heavy Paper), colored pencils, scissors, and napkins.

How to make:

1. Print out the turkey Napkin Holder Pattern and cut it out. Glue the strip of paper pattern to the back of the turkey pattern. (Color Pattern or Black and White Pattern)

2. Lay a napkin out flat on a table. Fan fold the napkin using 1/2-inch folds. Fold the fan-folded napkin in half (Diagram 1) and then fold up the folded end two inches (Diagram 2). Wrap the strip of paper that is attached to the turkey pattern around the folded end of the napkin (Diagram 3).

3. Spread out the napkin to form a fan and tape the edges in the middle together so it stays in a fan shape.

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft Diagram
Thanksgiving Turkey Craft Diagram 2
Thanksgiving Turkey Craft Diagram 3

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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