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Africa: Bamileke, fashion, chocolates for Darfur, and more

Africa: Books for Kids, Culture, Interior Design and More

This week, we are exploring Africa.  Why?  A million years ago b.c. (before children), I designed and manufactured women’s golf apparel using natural fibers and geared to fashion forward twenty-, thirty- and forty-somethings.  The first collection used gorgeous fabrics from West Africa. I jogged this memory last week while reading picture books at my elementary school’s library to kill twenty minutes waiting for my parent/teacher conference.  I found two great picture books below but wanted a chapter book to figure out my post.  So the deal was sealed last night while editing my old posts.  I came across the Africana Awards and it had the chapter book I needed to round out my book list.  So, Africa it is!  Onward!

First I wanted to introduce a blog on my blogroll,  Africa Access Review.  Their primary goal is to improve the selection and use of accurate, balanced materials on Africa in schools, public libraries, and other institutions that serve children. They also award the Africana Awards for best children’s books covering Africa.  This might come in handy someday if your child is doing a school project on Africa.

Second, are some picture and chapter books I selected on Africa.  The first is a very sweet picture book for young children, ages 4 to 8, called Running the Road to ABC set in the Congo by Denize Lauture.

Congo, Running the road to abc,, PragmaticMom

The second picture book is Goal! by Mina Javaherbin and is set in South Africa. As fall soccer season winds down, I found this book especially poignant.  My kids only have to complain that their soccer ball was left on the practice field or the wrong size to get a new one.  In this book, a soccer ball is a rare and precious thing.  Even playing soccer in the street is a dangerous proposition due to roving gangs of bullies who blatantly steal any ball.  And yet, the joy of soccer prevails!  Kudos to soccer stars that hail from Africa including Samuel Eto’o from Cameroon, who played until this past summer for my family’s favorite team, Barcelona.  Here’s a link to the Top 10 African Soccer Players in Europe. I truly had no idea what obstacles they had to overcome to play soccer as children. Read this book to your children and compare what life is like in South Africa compared to here.  This is a great way to nurture gratitude!

soccer, south africa, bully, bullies, bullying, dangerous to play soccer,, pragmatic momSamuel Eto'o, ex Barcelona soccer star from Cameroon,, Pragmatic Mom

The third book is a chapter book and the

2010 Africana Honor Winner:

Burn My Heart by Beverley Naidoo

“This novel by celebrated author Beverley Naidoo tells a serious story of colonialism in Kenya during the Mau Mau rebellion through the eyes of two boys, Mathew and Mugo; the embodiment of oppressor and oppressed respectively. Mathew is the grandson of British colonialists while Mugo is the grandson of Kikuyu farmers whose land was taken by the British goverment and sold to Mathew’s grandfather at a giveaway price. The book provides important moral lessons that can be applied in situations where stereotypes, injustices and other discriminatory practices thrive.”

Beverley Naidoo grew up in South Africa under apartheid. She was detained without trial when she was twenty-one and later went into exile in Britain, where she has since lived. She has two former CABA winners, Out of Bounds (2004 ) and No Turning Back (1998).”  I have not read this book yet but it’s on my list of books to get and read.  It’s a chapter book appropriate for ages 9-14.

Third, DesignTrackMind helped me to bring Africa into your home, should you desire.  (Incidentally, she’s featured this week on This Old House‘s new Auburndale project; she’s the Interior Designer.) She turned me on to these carved stools for kings from Cameroon called Bamileke that make fabulous coffee or end tables, as well as … a seat fit for a king! The first one is featured in one of her favorite design blogs, CocoCozy and is on special at Pottery Barn for $349.  The second one is from CopyCatChic and is a Jayson Home’s Bamileke Table for $695.  She tells me that Bamileke is a really hot trend in interior design right now!  I can see why;  they are gorgeous and functional!

Pottery barn wood african coffee table bamileke stool, http://PragmaticMom.combamileke,, african stoolwhite bamilke table,,, pragmatic mom, pragamticmom, education matters.

Another way to go, she also suggests is an African Drum Table.

african drum table,, pragmaticmom

I also found a book on Interior Design:  Stylish Living in South Africa.  Now, contrast this book to the first picture book, Goal!, and you understand Apartheid.  Oops, this was supposed to be the fun portion of Teach Me Tuesday!  My bad!

stylish living in south africa interior design book,

Fourth, I found this gorgeous new women’s apparel company, Suno, in Harper’s Bazaar and their prints remind me of the gorgeous West African fabrics I used so long ago but their prints are an updated, contemporary version.  I love the vibrant colors and patterns!

sono, african fabrics contemporary,

sono, african fabrics,

sono, pragmaticmom pragmatic mom education matters

Finally, I found an artisan chocolatier, Compartes, who is donating proceeds from an African themed truffles collection (think caramelized plantains and cardamon!) to help victims in Darfur.  The chocolates come with a Beads of Africa bracelet, each handmade from sand in Africa. The bracelets can also be purchased individually for $8 from Relief Beads.  Proceeds from both sales go to Relief International, a non-profit organization running the second largest refugee camp in Sudan, administering medical care at a clinic, providing life-saving medical care to malnourished children, as well as funding education for thousands of students in Sudan.  These make a great present; it’s a holiday gift that keeps giving!

compartes chocolates and relief beads dafur,, Pragmatic Mom, pragmaticmom, africa

I hope you enjoyed our little trip to Africa.  Which feature did you like the best?

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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