Use Songs to Teach Kids Spanish

Spanish Songs to Teach Kids Spanish

A reader had asked for Spanish CD suggestions for children.  I happened to be at Lakeshore Learning, a teachers’ supply store, where I bought a really good one a long time ago and it was still there!

When I drove my 6th grade daughter’s soccer practice carpool, her friend said that she was learning Spanish and needed to learn the months of the year. I put the Ole! Ole! Ole! Months of the Year song in Spanish on repeat and sang along. It horrified my daughter, but by the time we got to the soccer field, her friend had most of the months down. Now, I can’t seem to get that song out of my head when I’m trying to remember a month in Spanish. Singing IS a powerful way to learn!

Ole! Ole! Ole! by Dr. Jean in Espanol.  I like it because, while one of the singers has a slightly annoying voice, the music  is really vocabulary drills disguised as songs.  Hence titles include:  The Days of the Week, The Months of the Year, and my personal favorite, Opposites.  The CD is pricey at $19.99 but it is a great way to learn Spanish vocabulary.

Here are a few more choices:

Bilingual Barnyard:  Granjera Bilingue, Spanish and English Songs for Early Listeners.  The CD is discontinued and no longer sold at Amazon but you can buy MP3 Downloads from Amazon or iTunes or buy the CD from Lakeshore Learning (  The songs are American nursery rhymes set to music in English and Spanish.

Cha, Cha, Cha — Spanish Learning Songs Canciones Infantiles  by Jorge Anaya

This won a Dr. Toy award! A colorful clever collection of Spanish songs for children performed by award-winning singer and songwriter Jorge Anaya, Whistlefritz’s latest release is a delightful mix of lively Latin rhythms that everyone will enjoy listening to and moving to the beat. Samba to Las Vocales (The Vowels), cha cha to Los Números (The Numbers), and polka to Que Llueva (Let it Rain). Cha, Cha, Cha makes learning Spanish exhilarating, educational, and fun! Celebrate the vibrant sounds of Spanish, at home and in the classroom! A collection of catchy, upbeat originals – plus well-known, popular favorites such as La Cucaracha, El Barco Chiquito, Los Elefantes, and Bingo. Cha, Cha, Cha is a fun, festive introduction to Spanish vocabulary. Dance, sing, and enjoy learning the letters of the alphabet, numbers, parts of the body, articles of clothing, and more. This is a dynamic, multi-sensory learning method, inspiring kids to get on their feet, clap, jump, and move while singing the days of the week. A translation guide is included, providing an easy reference for parents and teachers. A great way to expand vocabulary and become bilingual. —Dr. Toy

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


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