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Meteor!: Science Of, Finding and Buying A Meteorite

Science Picture Book with Meteor Activity

I found this book a while ago in the discounted book room of my favorite book store. I will pretty much buy any picture book by Patricia Polacco. Her advanced picture books are based on her life and the people that she knows. I knew that, but for some reason I thought this book was set back in time — say around the 1800s — where a village spotted a meteor! Suffice it to say that I should not judge a picture book by its cover.

This book, in fact, is about the meteor that landed in her grandparents farm during the time she and her brother were visiting (and her mother was going through a divorce). The meteor was real and the farm is in Union City, Michigan. Patricia Polacco even held a meteor festival this past July.


Meteor Festival Tickets Available Now!

Sat, July 9, 2011
10 AM to 5 PM
$10 Adults – Kids 12 and under Free

Please send check or money order to:

Meteor Festival!
PO Box 68
Union City, MI 49094

If you read this book with your child and it elicits interest in all things meteoric, then please explore the science of meteor links below. If you happen to find a real meteor (and a link to find out if your meteor is real is below), you can even sell it on eBay!

Meteor! by Patricia Polacco

When Patricia and her brother were young, they visited their grandparents’ farm in Union City, Michigan while their mother was going through a divorce. It’s a little village in the middle of nowhere. One day, an actual meteor fell to the ground right in their farm! This is a true story and the meteor was confirmed as such by scientists! [advanced picture book, ages 6-12]

Buying a piece of meteor on eBay according to National Geographic Weird But True iPhone iPad app OR sell a piece of a meteor that you find (assuming that you can get your hands on a metal detector!). Video below how to find a meteor!

Yes, there are tons of pieces of meteorites for sale on eBay!

Science of Meteors Kid Friendly Links

If you think you’ve found a meteor read this: Meteorites and Their Properties by David Kring


And here are more links:

New England Meteoritical Services: What Are Meteorites?

How to Find Meteorites

What are Meteorites Made Of? 

Meteors and Meteor Showers 

Asteroids, Comets and Meteors (Qed Solar System) by Rosalind Mist

Field Guide to Meteors and Meteorites by O. Richard Norton

p.s. A great fiction chapter book that I just finished is Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass for older kids with an interest in Astronomy. Meteors, comets, and other astronomy topics are woven into this book about eclipse seekers. Wendy Mass is just a really great author!

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Thanks for all of these recommendations! I don’t think I’ve ever read a Patricia Polacco book – time to change that!
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    • Hi MaryAnne,
      I discovered Patricia Polacco later too but I think you will enjoy her books. She writes very autobiographically and does her own illustrations. Kind of like reading a picture book author who writes like a blogger! You really do feel like you know her by the time you read a dozen of her books! She is dyslexic as well (Thank You Mr. Faulker is the story of how her teacher helps her learn to read). The Art of Miss Chin is another life changing teacher who supports her artistic talent. My Rotten Red-Headed Brother is about her brother and how they fight, but ultimately is there for her to count on. So many great ones! Actually, not a single book of hers is not worth reading!!
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