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Round Up of Great Links From Some Inspirational Blogs!

Best Blogs for Moms and Mommy Bloggers

These are some links that inspire me this week. Posts that I wish I had written or thought up. Reminders to edit a little tighter and to make learning more fun.

What are you reading online that made you stop and think? Please share any links that inspire you! Thanks!

p.s. Thank you for the comments. I’m making a resolution to try to check out every blog that left me a comment and make a comment back!

  • 10 Children’s Books About Math I love this post on great picture books that incorporate math concepts. Preaching to the choir!
  • picture books with math concepts, picture books, math
  • More Periods. Fewer Conjunctions.  From Augusta Scattergood’s blog, author of Glory Be. I know that I’m not the best editor but I once worked with someone who is an amazing editor many years ago. She went on to be … an editor in NYC. When she would edit my letters to potential clients, she’d make a handful of changes that magically transformed my letter into something crisp and tight. Usually it involved removing words, rather than adding. Though I don’t have the benefit of her deft touch, I do try to channel her when I edit my own stuff. Less is truly more.
  • Wordplayhouse is a great blog that I am now following. Tagline is Inspirational Play. Creative Day. I love the pancake post.  Great picture books on pancakes plus healthy recipes. And a whole big dollop of fun added to a pancake breakfast!!
  • More on food including great food games that teach good nutrition from one of best blogs out there, Imagination Soup. Her tagline: Playful Learning for Inquisitive Kids.
  • Scientists figure out how to switch off the peanut allergy from io9.

Both these blogs inspire me make a teachable moment at home more fun and creative (and not so Tiger Mom-ish as is my natural bent; hence all the math work books that are in my house!)

To view any book more closely at Amazon, please click on image of book.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Dee

    I have to point out that on the second blog that the header should’ve been: More Periods, FEWER Conjunctions.

  2. I’m having such fun with this MORE/ LESS thing. Yes, about a zillion people have pointed out that it’s More/ Fewer. It’s generated almost as much chatter on blog/ FB/ email as another post relating to proper usage, kind of.

    Well, not really. Said as a dialog tag got a lot more people going!

    If you want to irritate a few kids’ book writers, just get them started on the “said is dead” movement in classrooms.


  3. Oh, Pragmatic Mom, it was such a delight to come by here for another of my enjoyable visits in your space…and find you had put a shining star in my day. Thank you for including us in your links of inspiration (so happy you especially loved our pancake post). It is a cherished honor coming from you. Thank you so very much.-heather

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