Winter Boots and Other Cozy Things for Moms

Winter Boot Deals for Mom

It was probably the 60 hour power outage that me and my neighborhood suffered through, though not in silence, that is prompting this post.  We rallied and made repeated calls to Nstar bypassing the auto message recording to talk to an actual human, well advised by our also freezing neighbor to call around midnight when the calls are less frequent.

Some in our town had power out longer than we did, but 60 plus hours without electricity when the low was 27 degrees Farenheit was long enough. Most of us stayed put in our cold houses and kept a fire going or hunkered down near the boiler. My family slept under 10 pounds of blankets.

Most of my town had power so school and after school activities were on. With most of our clocks out of commission, it was difficult to keep track of the time to be on time. My solution was to sleep in layers of clothes including my fleece jacket and then struggle out of bed facing the bracing cold by adding more layers: snow pants, wool socks, snow boots, coat, hat and scarf. My dog park friends thought I was silly until they learned I was without power.

Thus, an homage to cozy winter items. This, we hope, is our last bout without electricity. My husband just ordered a generator! And some of my neighbors are going off the grid completely. They are now looking into solar panels!

 UGG Women’s Adirondack Boot II 1906-Black/Grey, $199

UGG Australia Women’s Coquette Slippers in Chestnut, $100

North Face Women’s Denali Glove, $25

The North Face Khumbu Fleece Jacket Womens, $75 and $80 (some deals here for sizes Medium and Large)

Womens Black Hand Cable Knitted Short Soft Trendy Visor Newsboy Hat with Side Buttons, $19

SmartWool Women’s Cable Crew Socks, $16

 To view any item more closely at Amazon, please click on image.


By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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