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Best Books for Boy Readers, Reluctant or Otherwise: Part 3 (Non-Fiction)

Best Books for Boys: Non-Fiction

This post is getting too long (and crashing) so I am going to split it into three parts:

Best Books for Boy Readers, Reluctant or Otherwise: Part 1 (Authors by Last Name A-L)

Best Books for Boy Readers, Reluctant or Otherwise: Part 2 (Authors by Last Name M-Z)

Best Books for Boy Readers, Reluctant or Otherwise: Part 3 (Non-Fiction)

p.s. In separating out this list, I realize that this Non-Fiction list can use a little beefing up. What are your favorite non-fiction books? Please suggest. And I’ll do some more research to add to this list.


This has been a popular post for me on a topic near and dear to my heart. I am kicking off a week of posts that focus on Reluctant Readers and this is the first stop. I have more posts in a category labeled “Reluctant Readers” here. I have also updated this list. How about you? Can you please add your picks to this list? Thank you! p.s. If you like this list, you might also like:

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I love to find books that excite reluctant readers. The key is to find that magic intersection that marries your child’s just-right level with content that matches their interest and a layout that is visually appealing (small chunks of text broken by pictures, larger font size, etc.). Alas, this is a moving target. I have an actual person that I select these books for, my youngest son’s best friend’s older brother who is a 4th grader with my oldest. My mom friends have had success with these books for their reluctant boy readers and suggests you try them. If you want to purchase a book, click on the image of the book to buy at


Grossology by Sylvia Branzei

The power of gross stuff!

Invaders from Outer Space by Phillip Brookes. (Level 3: Reading Alone)

100 Most Disgusting Things on the Planet by Anna Claybourne

Thank you to reader Jemi for this book. I also own it and my son LOVES it! Thanks for reminding me!


There are other books in this series: 100 Most Awesome Things on the Planet, 100 Most Dangerous Things on the Planet, and 100 Scariest Things on the Planet.

Secrets of the Mummies by Harriet Griffey. (Level 4: Proficient Readers).

Ice Mummy, The Discovery of a 5,000-Year-Old-Man by Mark Dubowski and Cathy East Dubowski.

Step 4, Reading Paragraphs, Grades 2-3. The Titantic: Lost and Found by Judy Donnelly. Step into Reading, Level 4. Grades 2-3.

Tut’s Mummy, Lost…and Found by Judy Donnelly. Step 4, Reading Paragraphs, Grades 2-3.

Owen and Mzee: The True Story of a Remarkable Friendship by Craig Hatkoff. [ages 6-10]

It’a true and wonderful story of a young hippopotamus and a older Caldabra tortise and how they bonded over tragedy. [ages 6-10]

Guinness Book of World Records 2011 by Craig Glenday

This book always seems to fascinate kids (and adults too!).

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!: Special Edition 2012 by Ripley’s Inc


The website, The Art of Manliness, has posted a list of 50 Best Books for Boys and Young Men. I also have some great blogs on my blogroll below under Children’s Lit that specialize in books for boys and are excellent resources. p.s. If you like this list, you might like Best Books for Grades 3-5, Highly Recommended by Kids!

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