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US News and World Report best United States US High Schools for math and science Pragmatic Mom PragmaticMom Education Matters

Best High Schools for Science and Math

Best High Schools in America

Here are the top 25 but click here to see all 207 High Schools on their list. Of course I am a little suspect of this list that doesn’t have The Brox School of Science and Math at the top of the list. It’s not even on the Top 25 list. Take this list with a huge grain of salt! Read more…

our favorite dinosaur books for boys

Best Dinosaur Books for Kids (ages 2-8)

Great Dinosaur Books for Kids

My son went through a serious dinosaur phase that lasted almost a year when he was 4-years-old. Now he’s into Pokemon….sigh! I prefer reading about dinosaurs! But if you can’t beat them, join them. If I am going to read nothing but dinosaur books, at least I want a range of dinosaur books from non-fiction to fiction to counting books and alphabet books. Here are our favorite books, both story books and non-fiction books.

Read more…

Graco Quattro metrolite stroller recall due to infant death,, Pragmatic Mom

RECALL: Graco Quattro and Metrolite Strollers (4 infant deaths)

Stroller Recall: Graco and Metrolite

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), in cooperation with Graco Children’s Products Inc., of Atlanta, Ga., is announcing the recall of about 2 million Graco strollers due to risk of entrapment and strangulation. CPSC and Graco have received four reports of infant strangulation that occurred in these strollers between 2003 and 2005. In addition, CPSC is aware of five reports of infants becoming entrapped, resulting in cuts and bruises, and one report of an infant having difficulty breathing. Read more…

40 Most Common Chinese Characters Evolution of Chinese Mandarin Characters PragmaticMom

Learning Mandarin Chinese Words, 40 Most Common Characters

Learn Chinese Words: 40 Easy Characters

This is from my oldest child’s Chinese teacher at school. These are the 40 most common Chinese characters. The chart shows the pronunciation, stroke order, and how the character is used in other, more complicated characters. Try drawing these with a calligraphy brush and a Chinese ink stone. Read more…

reading, special needs, chapter books, rick riordan

4 Tips to Get Kids with ADHD to Read

How to Get ADHD Kids Reading

I didn’t know that Percy Jackson author, Rick Riordan, has a son who has ADHD and is dyslexic which is also true of Percy Jackson.  I love how Riordan made ADHD and dyslexia part of the storyline that shows the gifts that also come with ADHD and dyslexia — fast reflexes, ability to read Ancient Greek, etc. Read more…

chapter books, halloween

Halloween Picture Books and Chapter Books

Halloween Chapter Books for Kids

I’m not one to buy Halloween presents for my kids, but if I did, I’d buy each of them a book from this list. I would, however, pick a Halloween themed books for my children’s book clubs if I were hosting in October. The great thing is that kids, mine at least, like these books year around. Halloween is probably a kids’ favorite holiday! Read more…

Halloween Ghosting: A Tradition in My Town That My Kids LOVE!

Halloween Ghosting: A Neighborhood Tradition

“Boo!! You’ve Been Ghosted!”

This friendly “Ghost” has come your way, now pass 2 more on within 2 days!

Choose two neighbors, friends that will join in! Let the door to door “Ghosting” begin! Read more…

Million Moms Challenge PragmaticMom Pragmatc Mom VBAC Vaginal Birth After C Section C-Section Caesarean section, (also C-section, Caesarian section, Cesarean section

Winning the Lottery: The Opportunity to Try VBAC

VBAC: Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

I was really lucky when it came time to finding an obstetrician. I asked a Dad Work Friend whose wife is an anesthesiologist and she recommended an OB for me that, as I came to find out, was impossible to get because she’s a high risk pregnancy specialist and these are in short supply at Mass General Hospital. My OB is also popular, I suspect, because she’s funny and down-to-earth. She’s someone you’d want to hang out with. Read more…

best YA multicultural books, YA,

Best Multicultural YA Books for Teens

Best Multicultural Young Adult Books

I found this on a great blog that I follow called  PaperTigers that covers multi cultural KidLit and literacy around the world. They took YALSA‘s (Young Adult Library Services Association) has just released their 2012 Best Fiction for Young Adults Nominations list and culled out the multi-cultural books. The books nominated have been published within the past 16 months, are recommended for ages 12 – 18, and meet the criteria of both good quality literature and appealing reading for teens. Read more…