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Learning Through Gaming from a 3rd Grade Teacher!

3rd Grade Learning Through Gaming Ideas

Ananth Pai is a third-grade über teacher at Parkview/Center Point Elementary school in Maplewood, Minnesota. He uses online games to teach and it’s a rousing success as measured by test results. Pai says that in a matter of four months, the class’s reading and math scores went from below average for third grade to mid-fourth-grade level. His site is here.

This would be great for home schoolers, teachers, and parents for want online educational games for home supplementation.

Here are the games he uses:

Fractions: by riding a virtual ghost train

Math Word and Real Life Problems: make a living by growing flower

He breaks down math into these components: GeometryNumber Sense & ComputationAlgebraData Analysis, Math ChallengeMath Dictionary, Easier Math Dictionary

He’s divided Literacy into Decoding, Reading, Syllabication, Writing , Vocabulary & Spelling, Grammar, Literary Devices, and Genre.

Reading Skills:  Razkids

Constitutional Rights:  Go to Court Game

For those of us with kids on their Nintendo DSi, he has game recommendations: Brain Age 2, the word scramble game, or Math Blaster, which helps students practice their multiplication.

He’s also got sites and games for categories like Inquiry, Skills for LifeHealth & Well Being, and Would You Like Hot Chocolate With That?

What online educational games do you recommend and for what grade? Thanks for sharing!

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Kwan Nam

    My wife teaches 34 4th/5th graders. I setup 7 computers for her classroom and she used them to do similar stuff. But district recently blocked flash upgrade and Chrome browser installation. She can no longer use most of the edu contents that the district has paid for…

    • To Kwan,
      I am so sorry to hear that! That’s so short sighted. What was their reasoning? I hope that changes soon. She can probably use apps is can get her hands on iPads.

  2. Kwan – Why would they block Flash / Chrome!? What are they thinking? Sorry to hear that!


  3. Thanks for highlighting Mr. Pai. He is a class act! WOW!

    Thanks also for the resources for the website. Definitely going to invest in those DSI games as when learning is fun it gets done.

    I agree with you in regard to what you have written in your about page, I too believe it is my responsibility to spearhead my children’s eduation. The school is only as good as each individual teacher. I had a tough 1 1/2 years in the inner city schools (K-1st grade) taking 2 years to catch up and my son had a horrible Kindergarten year. He was excelling in a Seattle private school, we moved (back) abroad and despite being in the American School which is private had a horrible teacher… everything dropped off. Fortunately 1st grade he caught up due to a wonderful teacher and this year is thriving due again to another wonderful teacher.

    Another tip I may offer, I volunteer in my son’s class 1 hour per week which helps me learn so many things: where he is in relation to his peers, how good the teacher really is etc. My first tip off to how bad that KG teacher was should have been that she did NOT allow volunteers.

    Thanks again for this post!

    • To ExPatDoctorMom,
      I TOTALLY agree with you that bad teachers do not allow parent volunteering and I can understand why! I guess it’s a good litmus test for screening good teachers. I’m glad you found the post helpful. Thanks so much for reading my blog!

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